Robert Ariail for June 23, 2016

  1. Img5
    King_Shark  about 6 years ago

    Even if the British vote for Brexit, it won’t be allowed to happen. Do you imagine the EU is run democratically or something?

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  2. Wtp
    superposition  about 6 years ago

    Brexit and Trump supporters have one thing in common … they want to travel back in time to undo globalization and make things “great” again,

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  3. Kw eyecon 20190702 091103 r
    Kip W  about 6 years ago

    Sure, if only we could return to a magical time when everything was great. By a coincidence, it looks exactly like a time when I was young and taken care of and ignorant of the real problems outside my view.

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  4. Missing large
    eremite  about 6 years ago

    Good point.Of course the racism/xenophobia part of the issue is troublesome, not just to liberals but to all who think that freedom should lack a color bar.

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  5. Wtp
    superposition  about 6 years ago

    " … I thought liberals were supposed to support the working class."I’m not a liberal or a conservative (trying to separate them makes no business sense) and I deal with realities not political ideologies! We cannot travel back in time to undo globalization.The explanation of globalization I was taught in college decades ago involved exporting units of labor at the current US wages so that the other country could — ala Henry Ford — afford our goods, but the corporations decided, why bother … better margins right away; no waiting.Now one by one the countries we outsourced to are experiencing wage inflation — going to automation — and the advantage of outsourcing for cheap labor is disappearing.

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  6. 1faentz
    OldCoal  about 6 years ago

    Because it’s a moot point. AI is going to kill jobs faster than globalization ever could.

    Just figure out how you want to deal with it. I will point out what some of YOUR guys are thinking about:

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