Robert Ariail for May 26, 2014

  1. Missing large
    ARodney  about 8 years ago

    Paul Krugman has a good column on Overtaxed’s particular form of idiocy. It turns out that France and Germany, both much more socialist than the US, have much fuller employment than we do. It turns out that punishing the poor doesn’t make them somehow get jobs. It just punishes them. And giving tax benefits to the rich doesn’t make them create jobs. It just makes them richer.

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  2. Missing large
    frodo1008  about 8 years ago

    All of the countries that you made an example of are not socialistic, they are generally dictatorships. And besides are located in the third world and not the more educated and industrialized fist world. So you are counting apples and oranges. But then you would do this to attempt to make your own ideological point whether or not what you are saying is true or not!

    However, a modified form of socialism is indeed working out even better than our own plutocratic socialistic capitalism. This happens in in modern Northern Europe. The people there are not only healthier than we are (as logically witness their longer life spans) but also have a generally higher degree of happiness with the life that they do have. And before you post it, no, nobody lives in a perfect heaven on this Earth!

    Also, we ourselves already have a modified form of socialism within our own country, and while it does not work perfectly, it does work rather well. And if you do not like it that way, then perhaps it is you that should consider leaving. And it is not unpatriotic to realize that others might just have better ideas that we sometimes do.

    I have never seen a more miserable group of complaining Americans than the ultra conservatives on this site!!

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  3. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  about 8 years ago

    The sad truth is that the nutbags in TEA strainers to remove their brain cells, HAVE moved both “centrist” Republicans, as well a a number of Democrats further RIGHT, because of the perception favored by the media, that this small minority, just like religious right “evangelicals” are also a large and powerful block. Not, but it looks that way to the mental carrion.

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  4. F4dump2
    Phantom Marine  about 8 years ago

    You seem to not know the difference between ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’. But then you must not care. The concepts of Socialism are working in every industrialized nation in the word, while those of Capitalism are just now taking over in China. Maybe you ought to move there!

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  5. Missing large
    gazoo2255  about 8 years ago

    Anybody notice that the GOP is stepping on a venomous snake?

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