Robert Ariail for April 24, 2013

  1. Missing large
    edward thomas Premium Member about 9 years ago

    Trespassing? Didn’t hear that!

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  2. Manachan
    rpmurray  about 9 years ago

    He should be Sanforized.

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  3. Missing large
    ARodney  about 9 years ago

    You’d think the Republican primary voters would care. It’s just sad who they put up as their representatives. I can’t believe the number of suckers in that end of the pool.

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  4. Missing large
    edward thomas Premium Member about 9 years ago

    Unfortunately, for many on the right especially, religion has EVERYTHING to do with politics!

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  5. Secret squirrel  300.291165926 std
    MrRess  about 9 years ago

    Wow, real breaking news there.

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  6. Giraffe cat
    I Play One On TV  about 9 years ago

    “Believing in false gods is a sure sign of mental illness.”

    By this logic, most every American would be on Wayne LaPierre’s Lunatic Registry.

    A good example that what is one person’s insanity is another person’s comfort. This is why the whole idea is ludicrous.

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  7. Missing large
    stamps  about 9 years ago

    Umm, I don’t think it was boneHEADedness in this case.

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  8. Androidify 1453615949677
    Jason Allen  about 9 years ago

    “Republicans mostly pressure Republicans to step down when they do immoral things.”The Republicans continued to support and fund Sanford until the media reported the trespassing complaint.

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