Oct 21, 2013
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hometown security
the d.c. office of obstacles & eyesores hopes to replace the jersey barriers littering our landscape with something more aesthetically pleasing. but what?

everybody loves bollards! we could become the "city of bollards."
people: bollards! bollards! bollards! bollards! 

there are alternatives.
man: tangled masses of abandoned grocery carts can provide deterrence and comment on our consumerist society.

some are traditionalists - 
guard: i prefer the ornamental 8-ton reinforced concreted tub filled with pansies, which so intriguingly weds the oppressive to the dainty.
driver: yeah, me too.
stop do not back up

and what of those whom we seek to protect?
guy 1: i hear that at the state department everyone gets a vicious guard dog.
guy 2: damn.
department of nonessential employees
Oct 28, 2013
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