Red and Rover by Brian Basset for June 01, 2021

  1. Missing large
    Prescott_Philosopher   4 months ago

    Hope Springs Eternal.

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  2. Username catfeet
    Catfeet Premium Member 4 months ago

    Not a chance, Red!

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  3. Missing large
    robertdkrebs  4 months ago

    Zen Master once say ‘ Never Happen”!

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  4. Picture
    ArthurDClogg  4 months ago

    Red, you’re handicapped. Rover doesn’t have to lug thick school books on the run. let Rover carry the books and see if the field levels.

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  5. Donald duck2
    gmu328  4 months ago

    Ah yes, I remember getting a pair of brown shoes in 2nd grade and I swear it made me faster. That anecdote reminds me of sports aficionados who will continue to buy the newest racket or golf club to get that extra edge to their game. It’s true that new technology can give you an edge (I now wear lighter tennis shoes), but only to a point. The rest is up to you and your body.

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  6. Dscf0051
    sarahbowl1  4 months ago

    Summer vacation is around the corner, little ones! Get ready for fun ;)

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  7. Gocomicsluna2
    Leojim  4 months ago

    What! He already abandoned his PF flyers!

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  8. Dazy supersmall4web
    pony21  4 months ago

    Assuming a school year of approximately 265 instructional days, looks like Red and Rover have been racing from the bus stop for about 3.64 years. But then again, they probably don’t race every day … sometimes they just stroll along, happy to be in one another’s company again after a long day of separation.

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  9. Missing large
    mymontana  4 months ago

    Red…this is when Rover totally excels

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  10. Missing large
    Vandy  4 months ago

    I wonder who will succeed first: Red in his race or Charlie Brown kicking a field goal?

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  11. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  4 months ago

    When I lived in the woods, there was a 50-foot clearing around the house. At the end of our daily walk in the woods, I would stop at the edge of the clearing and say to my cat, “Ready, Kirby?” then run as fast as I could toward the house. At some point, Kirby would always pass me and be waiting, grooming conspicuously in the garden when I arrived.

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  12. 2d749d10 d477 45ae afdc f12d8cbda852
    SquawkTron  4 months ago

    He will never beat Rover.

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  13. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  4 months ago

    It’s not how fast you get there, it’s how much fun you have on the way.

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    WentBrown  4 months ago


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  15. Missing large
    asrialfeeple  4 months ago

    Maybe Red should try running barefoot.

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  16. Superman display
    Redman062965  4 months ago

    You’ll go blind doing that

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  17. Missing large
    pbr50138  4 months ago

    Red…give up. Rover is a 4 legger and you’re just a 2 legger. That means he’ll run twice as fast. Do the math.

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