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  1. almost 4 years ago on Birdbrains

    Hi All,

    First, Happy New 2020!

    Second, I’m writing to tell you all I will no longer be creating Birdbrains. I have asked GoComics to post repeats and they have generously agreed to do so, but there will be no new cartoons. I will, instead, be spending more time on watercolor fine art painting… well, watercolor painting anyway.

    I have truly enjoyed creating and posting Birdbrains, but mostly I have enjoyed all your comments, the camaraderie between you all and your abilities to find hidden faces… most of the time.

    So, it is with love and humor in my heart, I bid you all adieu, wishing you all the best and hoping each day brings you joy, laughter and fun.

    Thank you all,


  2. over 4 years ago on Birdbrains

    Thanks for all the nice comments. Hopefully, I have solved the problems that caused me to become the incredible disappearing birdbrain. And thanks for reading this on-again, off-again comic!

  3. over 4 years ago on Birdbrains

    Hi All,I sincerely, deeply, seriously, awkwardly and vehemently apologize for not commenting sooner. I recently moved from one state to another (physically, not chemically) and of course, that means my good old computer and my studio have been enjoying the comforts of moth balls, Sooo… along with other technical issues, I have been unable to upload comics to the site. I am still here and I am working as furiously as my limited mental capacity, time and funds will allow. Thank you all for bearing with me.Thom, THE birdbrain

  4. almost 5 years ago on Birdbrains

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my beloved, appreciated, wonderful, witty and classy readers!!!

  5. over 6 years ago on Birdbrains

    ML, I am sooo glad you pick up on those little things!! I always loved seeing my grandma’s “stockings” rolled up like that when I was a tadpole.

  6. over 6 years ago on Birdbrains

    Hello to all my wonderful readers -

    First, Happy New Year! I hope 2017’s the best year of your life!

    Second, big changes are coming to The website will have a whole new feel and comics will be the larger size when you open them up. I’ve seen a beta version of the website and it is more than 2017% better than this version. I think you will love it, so stay tuned – good things are coming!!

    And thank you all for reading this death-defying comic!

    All my best to you and yours!

    And thanks, ML. Hope you guys aren’t turning into icicles up there.


  7. almost 7 years ago on Birdbrains

    Hi All,

    Truly one of my best. Next week, I’m going to do a whole theme on brown… in case you’re all intrigued. I may go wild and do a black square just for variety.

    Anyway, thanks for “reading” this ole gray toon.


  8. almost 7 years ago on Birdbrains

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Everybody!

    I hope today’s toon wasn’t too scary…

    And thanks for reading this blood-sucking cartoon!

    Have fun,


  9. about 7 years ago on Birdbrains

    To all my wonderful readers,

    This is a sad day, but one filled with appreciation and love for our fellow Americans and our brave, selfless first responders. Let’s celebrate that devotion everyday – when you see a cop or fireman, tell them thank you for their service. Their heroic deeds go much farther and deeper than major disasters or terrorist attacks. Every day, they serve us, keeping us safe and protecting us. I will run this tribute to them every year and thanks to readers like you all, it never ever gets old.

    Thank you for your kind words. I know what you really mean is “thank you” to those brave officers and fire fighters.

    And thanks for reading this cartoon.

    All my best to all of you and a gigantic thank you for your support about this sentiment.

    Your humble idiot,


    P.S. Congrats to ML for her 5 year cancer-free anniversary!!!

  10. about 7 years ago on Birdbrains

    Thanks, Senor Frog. We’re in no danger at all from that fire, but last year we had a scare. Hey, every summer, Southern Cal lights up. (Even when we don’t have droughts).

    I hope all of you are well. There are a lot of fires and the Louisiana flood is terrible.