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  1. almost 3 years ago on Pluggers

    Yeah, just ask Justice Kavanaugh about that one. I’m sure he was hugely relieved to find that calendar.

  2. over 6 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Actually, the Bar and Grill I want to visit has no flipping televisions.

  3. over 7 years ago on Doonesbury

    Wow, is somebody having a major meltdown? Maybe the world isn’t fitting his internal world view any longer?

    Disillusionment really hurts.

  4. over 8 years ago on FoxTrot Classics

    Nah, it’s a chemistry book. I got an A in the class, but the book just slew me.

  5. almost 9 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    The other truck was nothing to write home about either, as I recall, and advertising is advertising. I’m afraid Slim’s got it right this time, ugly as it is.

  6. almost 9 years ago on Tank McNamara

    My daughter calls American Football “Hand-Egg”, since the ball is NOT ROUND and it spends more time in HANDS than contacting FEET.

    The high school football team still has not come up with a worthy response.

  7. almost 9 years ago on Ziggy

    Does anyone else there have a garden? What to YOU think when the mice and rabbits and birds help themselves to the cabbages and tomatoes and apples after YOU spent all the money for seeds, soil amendments, and water and put in all the work of planting, training and weeding? WE have traps in our garden, and they are not the have-a-heart sort.

  8. almost 9 years ago on For Better or For Worse

    Make sure to get the kids hooked on something fun like the Just So stories and it won’t be so painful.

  9. over 9 years ago on Li'l Abner

    Ummm, how did Mammy’s shirt suddenly get so black?

  10. over 9 years ago on PC and Pixel

    The water is locked up in ice caps, and notice he said “change” which can go either way.