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  1. 9 months ago on Adult Children

    Spiderman is into old-school pokemon games?

  2. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    I truly hate it when I encounter people that ask what church I go to when it’s quite clear they already have a church. Look I’m not an idiot. You most likely aren’t trying to find a new church for yourself, so you are doing one of a few things:

    1) You want to know what church I go to so that you can make a guess on if my views align with yours. I’ll give you a clue the fact that you asked this question tells you that no they do not.

    2) You don’t really care what church I go to, and you are hoping to convince me that your church is so much better. This is either your attempt to have a ****ing match with me about your church like two people discussing their favorite sports team, or you are displaying cult-like behavior by trying to convert me. Either way, I want to go get the spray bottle and say “Bad kitty”

    3) You don’t really think I go to church but want to hear me say it and confirm it, that way you can feel justified in any prejudgements you’ve made about me. And you think that by asking the question this way instead of “Do you go to church?” you’ll somehow offend me less. But it also has an added benefit as it allows you to continue to pretend like everyone wants to go to church, and so if I answer your question of “What church do you go to?” with “I don’t go to church” you’ll feign shock and just try to convince me that your church would be more than glad to welcome me.

    Sure I talk a bunch about people that ask this question, are just using it as a way to prejudge people, and you might think that in of itself is a form of prejudgement I’m making on them. But it’s not. It’s just a normal old judgment because in order for me to hold these thoughts about someone specific, they need to have made the action of speaking this stupid sentence.

    I never assume anyone is going to be so rude as to ask what church I go to when I don’t even know them. Yet it still happens with strangers broaching the topic.

  3. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    At the place, I work, had a lady place an order online. Came in to get her stuff and I pass it over to her and advise her to check to make sure we got everything correct. She says one of the items is wrong. I check her receipt vs the item I handed her and it’s the correct item. But the item she wants is basically the same price, and as a manager, I can make the call to just swap it out. I let her know what the receipt says but that I’m glad to get her the thing she actually wanted at no extra cost.

    She then grumbles about how we are always messing up her order and that she’ll wait for the item to be swapped out. Mind you the item has to be cooked. So we get the thing she wants in the oven and then she comes up to the counter again and says she ACTUALLY wanted it a different way even still. At this point, I tell her that I already have her remake in the oven that I agreed to swap out for her at no additional charge and if she wants to make this new change she’ll have to pay for it.

    She grumbles some more but decides not to change the order and goes back to waiting. I go discreetly inform the other manager that’s there about what’s going on. The phone rings and I answer it, and the lady comes up to the counter AGAIN while I’m on the phone. I signal the other manager who goes up to help her. This time she tries to tell the manager some BS about her order should be done now and she wants to pick it up. It’s been all of five minutes! It takes at least 15 minutes to cook up food fresh and she has been told this.

    Luckily though that was the end of it. But god, I hate it when people pull BS like this.

  4. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    So many questions were raised by this interaction. First of all, if your name is K, could you hear if someone said your name incorrectly as Kay? I’m not thinking you could, so K bringing up how her name is spelled sounds like she’s just trying to engage in conversation. But does a bit of a woe-is-me behavior to this.

    What I’m wondering then is, does she dislike the name or does she enjoy being able to do the woe-is-me routine?

  5. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    Customer: Where are the olives?Me: Did you want black or green?Customer: Black olives.Me: Oh those are right next to the green olives.

  6. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    I can’t remember the last time I had a meeting with any sort of actual content. Meetings seem more of a way for people that are higher up in the company to try to display that they have power and authority over people lower than them.

  7. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    The facial expressions that the man is able to convey make me want to know more about his life.

    He looks like his name might be Charles and I feel like he works at a little restaurant. Based on the things that he seems to be buying, I believe he likes to make pancakes or waffles from scratch (that jug looks to be maple syrup, and that might be a bag of flour next to it).

    I believe he’s the sort of guy who, after this interaction would love to make April some of his homemade pancakes/waffles. Not because he has a crush or anything on her, but because this made his day. But he’s not comfortable interacting with people. So he has no clue if offering to make her pancakes/waffles would be considered socially acceptable or not. Most of the time he would err on the side of just keeping quiet.

    Perhaps one day Charles will be brave enough to offer to make pancakes/waffles for someone that has made his day. Perhaps on that day, this offer will be accepted.

  8. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    I’m curious if people that say things like this have actually read the backlog of this comic… retail didn’t enter heavily into the comic until recent years. It’s always been about hijinks and such.

  9. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    Careful everyone, we are starting to sound like those… adults… that would say things like, “Back in my day we walked to and from school, uphill in the snow both ways!”

    Ironically… as my school was at the top of one hill and my home at the top of a different hill… yes I walked uphill in the snow both ways. But come on! I don’t like telling these young’ns as it makes me feel old!

    We would be telling people to get off our lawns I suspect, but I’m fairly sure most of us here can’t afford a lawn to tell people to get off of.

  10. 11 months ago on Adult Children

    A desire to be paid a certain amount has nothing to do with how hard the job is. It doesn’t matter if all they need you to do is watch paint dry. If they require you to be in a place for 40 hours a week, people want a living wage. $4.25 an hour is simply not enough to live on anymore.

    I’ve heard people respond to this with, “Well then get a real job” and I would say that before this is even said, it doesn’t matter if a job is seen as a “real job” or not. If that job requires you to be in a specific place for 40 hours a week, then you should be able to live off of that job.