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  1. 19 days ago on Lio

    He’s all set to climb the stainless steel St. Louis Gateway Arch with those suction cups! A lifelong dream of mine.

  2. about 1 month ago on Scary Gary

    I just love how she can tote a head in a jar around the neighborhood in a wagon and nobody bats an eye.

  3. about 2 months ago on Lio

    I thought that girl hated Lio. Why is she helping him here?

  4. 3 months ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    Um, does anybody here bite into a taco from the top?

  5. 3 months ago on Gasoline Alley

    How come Santa didn’t greet Ida? What is she (it?), chopped liver?!

  6. 4 months ago on Gasoline Alley

    Any other strip and that doll would be trouble.

  7. 4 months ago on Tank McNamara

    Final panel, “contruction”?!?…is there a shortage of “S’s” I don’t know about?! Seems like a lot of typos in the funnies lately, but then I’m reading Gil Thorpe for some reason…

  8. 4 months ago on Tank McNamara

    Gotta be a cake face plant…

  9. 4 months ago on Working Daze

    In 40 years I’ve never seen a woman wear a top like that in an office

  10. 4 months ago on Baldo

    …in this celebration of Schulz, we get to see Sally’s underwear for the first time…