3 7 2012 imported photos and scans 1898

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    Thank you!! Really appreciate your kind words. You can find many early Bozo strips in my book “Whistling Down the Halls: The Times and Cartoons of America’s Original Pantomime Comic Strip,” which is available online from various outlets , including Amazon and Walmart.

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    Thanks, Gent!

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    As the son of the late Foxo Reardon, the creator of the comic strip “Bozo,” I would like to invite all followers of “Bozo” as well as all those who have stumbled on the strip for the first time, to read the article, including attached strips and photos, “A Firsthand History of ‘Bozo’, the World’s First Pantomime-Style strip,” on he GoComic Blog. Thank you for taking the time to do so.

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    Great comment!

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    I’m sure Foxo Reardon would agree with your sentiments, but these comics speak of human weakness and are not designed to always elicit approval. Sometimes Bozo is a hero, and sometimes he reminds us that even heroes fail. I remember that once as a teenage, I felt dad’s wrath after plucking a bud off a small tree, a bud that was destined to become a beautiful flower if I had left it alone. I never did that again.

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    Your comments: always clever, funny!

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    And thank you, Gent, for being the marvelous follower that you are.

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    Thanks! A great compliment.

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    A more than appreciated comment coming from a true gentleman!

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    “Bozo,” the comic strip with the greatest number of daily comments per number of followers.