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    Ducktape the Handymans’ secret weapon.

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    It all depends on the family. In my house, the youngest was the one who tattled. I use to be the youngest being the 7th child, but then I got my first and only younger sibling. I grew out of the tattling stag fairly quickly and moved on to being the “sass master” as my siblings called me. (grew out of that too) My brother is still an exaggerator and dramatic when it comes to things.

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    his smile

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    I relate to this a lot except on those days when you wake up completely refreshed and nothing can get you down and you feel like you could take on the world single-handedly.

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    I’ve seen a mad puck before but he is really peeved here.

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    Watch MEtv

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    Now we found out why the food is fgross

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    at first, I really wanted a phone to be like everyone who did but then I decided that I didn’t actually want one. when I did get one it was in 8th grade on my birthday and it was just because I was going on a trip to Washington with my family to visit my brother and his family. I stayed there to watch his kids and I had to fly back alone.