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    this could be an interesting arc

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    wow did capp burn Mrs. capp? sick andy ma boi

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    wow stupid stupid

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    BIG NATE AND THE 5 (you gonna find out) CHAPTER ONE: VENGEFUL DESIRES!trudy after a big deafeat: i will get my revengealso trudy as she looks at her phone: hmmmmmmmm rent 5 diasasters? well revenge be not far he he heinside nates house:marty: snort nate what int the world are ya doing its 6:03i had a bad dream it involved trudymarty:okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?meanwhile with trudytrudy: 159 nutty road this is it knocks on doorwriter of this story: opens door hmmtrudy: you rent disasters?writer: yes and i am BEGGING YOU TO GET THEM OFF MY HANDStrudy: them?writer: you’ll find out soon, just put this mask on and say yeet out my front window and they’ll come now payment.trudy: how much do you chargewriter: i charge $1 and hourtrudy: gives $72 i’ll take 3 dayswriter: THANK YOU NOW I CAN GO HAVE FUN MALASIA HERE I COME!trudy goes and does what the writer saidtrudy: yeet… ugh this masksuddelly out of nowhere 5 mysterious beasts appearbeast#1: wheres da kid i HEARD him say yeettrudy coming out of the house taking off the mask: that was ME you’ve been rented to ME now what are you?beast#3: were dragonstrudy: dragons? … wth?dragon#3: well what do YOU want anyways?trudy: i want you to hunt down a boy named Nate Wright.CHAPTER 2 TOMAROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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