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  1. 5 months ago on The Dinette Set

    Notice that this cartoon was first published in 2010, but how relevant for today!

  2. 5 months ago on The Dinette Set

    Ha ha.. my husband does the same thing !!

  3. 5 months ago on Betty

    For sure!

  4. 5 months ago on Steve Breen

    Hope this isn’t another Dewey-Truman election. Due to that fiasco I am holding my breath until the count is official!

  5. 5 months ago on Freshly Squeezed

    Exactly! No kid ever listens to parents. We don’t know anything.

  6. 5 months ago on Betty

    Have had Tracfone for years. Use it on my iphone & now they have unlimited talk & text & 1gb of data for $20 bucks a month! Can’t beat the price & the reception, etc is great. Never been in a spot where I didn’t have service.

  7. 6 months ago on Ben

    We all need to help get packages to right person these days because all these delivery services, including P.O. are overloaded with everyone ordering on line these days. Yea, we all need to be good neighbors like you!

  8. 6 months ago on Drabble

    Why is everybody off the subject – this is about the DOG, not the apron! And this is SO correct about ALL dogs. The only reason they get up & follow you around when you are up & moving is because they think you are going to get them food, has nothing to do with love.

  9. 6 months ago on Pickles

    Yea, my husband is still using his old flip phone. Doesn’t even have his v.m. set up. He says if it’s important they will call him back.

  10. 6 months ago on Barney & Clyde