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"A child that screams is not cooked well enough" - Gordon Ramsay

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  1. about 14 hours ago on Big Nate

    Chad would look like that one shady guy driving a candy truck but actually abducts kids for a living

  2. 1 day ago on Big Nate

    Well duh, its over 2.2 million Scoville units.

  3. 2 days ago on Big Nate

    Well, his facts were unrelated to big nate so gocomics would, of course, remove them.

  4. 2 days ago on Big Nate

    Yeah I agree not to mention his useless facts too

  5. 3 days ago on Big Nate

    smh… use a different link if you’re going to rickroll someone

  6. 4 days ago on Big Nate

    Don’t join the wiki unlesss you want to die of cancer

  7. 5 days ago on Big Nate

    It’s a Phineas and Ferb thing.

  8. 6 days ago on Big Nate

    There’s a rickroll detector on the chrome web store if u need one

  9. 6 days ago on Big Nate

    Anyway I don’t think you need it, the wiki isn’t very active now which is why I don’t there there is a need for more administrators/moderators. But I think you would be a pretty decent administrator since you’re always active :)

  10. 6 days ago on Big Nate

    There are like what, 6 admins already on the wiki?