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  1. about 22 hours ago on Ted Rall

    I lived in a semi-rural area for many years. The farms had been carved up into estates of 5 to 10 acres. For some reason people thought it cool to let their cats and dogs the freedom to roam all around for miles. Those animals, especially the cats, wreaked havoc with the wildlife, especially ground-nesting birds. Several native species were eventually gone from the area.

    Gradually the dogs formed packs and attacked larger animals, domesticated as well as wild. They became aggressive and scavenged out of garbage barrels — in short, became intolerable nuisances.

    Every family had guns, and as they thought necessary shot at the nuisance animals, and often killed them. (They had pets of their own, as well as children outside playing.) My uncles lived in an area where dog packs were a particular problem, and every once in a while they and other men went out with their guns and “took care of the problem.” The area state troopers did not interfere, in fact showed little sympathy if the affected pet owners complained their “pets” were missing.

    Imagine how people in an essentially lawless area like Afghanistan would treat nuisance strays — for target practice, likely.

  2. 1 day ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    Will increasing numbers of newly emboldened scientific illiterates now feel “free” to deny the the need for all kinds of vaccine shots? Will all the old diseases that plagued mankind for millennia return in renewed force?

  3. 1 day ago on Steve Breen

    Two links to explain these “behavioral sink” setups are:



  4. 1 day ago on Ted Rall

    —) Of course there was some confusion, as some of the dogs were Afghans. (—

  5. 1 day ago on Prickly City

    The range could also be described as Stup(id) to Nuts.

  6. 1 day ago on Clay Jones

    How many poor-human pelts are, metaphorically, in his fashion costume?

  7. 1 day ago on Phil Hands

    I have tried a similar approach in telling my son NOT to cut our grass, STAY AWAY from our lawn mower, do not use it — even if ALL HIS FRIENDS are out cutting their familys’ lawns. That approach hasn’t worked so far, and I suspect by now it never will. He’s a typical contrarian teenager — but fortunately not a Republican.

  8. 1 day ago on Clay Bennett

    Some politicians — if allowed such “policy guns” at all — should have the barrels bent in right around in a “U” shape. They just might then think twice about shooting them off every chance they got. But I suspect there might be many self-inflicted wounds.

  9. 1 day ago on Candorville

    One of the “scientific fun facts” cartoon books I bought years ago for my son cheerfully calls the Amazon forest basin “the lungs of our planet.” It claimed that, as such, 20 percent of the Earth’s oxygen is made from the plants there. They soak up carbon dioxide and through the natural process of photosynthesis and release the oxygen that animals breathe.

    What does it mean if most of that forest burned away? Would the oxygen content of our atmosphere then be equivalent to that now many thousands of feet above sea level, all over the world? Will people be inclined to buy oxygen as now they buy bottled water? Nasal cannulas from personal oxygen tanks might become standard for those who can afford them.

    As for the phytoplankton in the planetary oceans, that supply the rest of our oxygen — shouldn’t we worry about them, as well?

  10. 3 days ago on Candorville

    … and then there was a podiatrist who set up a practice there.