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  1. about 3 hours ago on Randolph Itch, 2 a.m.

    A rich Englishman: A Guinea Worm.

  2. about 3 hours ago on Pickles

    A movie made of Earl’s life might be titled, “The DECADES of Living Dangerously”.

  3. about 3 hours ago on Pluggers

    I have been tempted to ask some guys that question.

  4. about 3 hours ago on Non Sequitur

    “Asimov”: As a color, purple-grey (“The Flying Sorcerers”)

  5. about 3 hours ago on Glasbergen Cartoons

    Also known as “Corporate Perversity”.

  6. about 4 hours ago on Frank and Ernest

    A post-stressed apparent blue genie, after encountering this pair.

  7. about 4 hours ago on Aunty Acid

    In Aunty’s case, the Fifth Of July.

  8. about 10 hours ago on Herman

    That’s silly. Paul Revered had a horse, not a car. :/

  9. about 19 hours ago on Frog Applause

    (Yawn) In other words, a slow Friday night … no gaggling guns …

  10. 1 day ago on Aunty Acid

    That’s something I think these days, too. When I was young that was an unimaginable thought, although I was surrounded by old people and should have suspected what was coming. The young tend to think they are immortal, but maybe that’s not bad — otherwise not much would be accomplished.