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  1. about 1 hour ago on The Flying McCoys

    They didn’t have buckles on their hats. They didn’t have buckles on their shoes. They didn’t even have buckles on their belts – they were not rich! And they certainly didn’t wear black except for formal occasions. I’m not sure why perpetuating ridiculous myths is supposed to be funny.

  2. 1 day ago on FoxTrot

    But there’s always room for ice cream!

  3. 1 day ago on Frazz

    This is supposed to be comments about Frazz, not lies from Fox News.

  4. 1 day ago on Frazz

    The first European Thanksgiving in what is now the U.S. was in 1598 in the El Paso area.

  5. 6 days ago on Baldo

    Doesn’t she want to start her own business?

  6. 7 days ago on Mexikid Stories

    Except that the kids are eating the chocolate while Amá had to make the tamales.

  7. 7 days ago on Speed Bump

    Don’t do that at home! Lighthouses are never constructed willy nilly – everything about them are designed for safe navigation of ships.

  8. 8 days ago on Baldo

    Yes, which means that she should know which work and which don’t.

  9. 8 days ago on Baldo

    I thought la tia was the wise one but she makes less sense each time we see her now.

  10. 9 days ago on Baldo

    Uh, it’s now Standard Time so it makes no sense to blame DST for anything (not that it made sense anyway).