Large homer dancing

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  1. 5 months ago on Phil Hands

    this is why we need teacher unions so stuff like this doesnt happen

  2. 8 months ago on WuMo

    oooh lord im getting flashbacks

  3. 8 months ago on Cheer Up, Emo Kid

    so that’s the annoying kid on Xbox live well he was rather high pitched

  4. 8 months ago on Strange Brew

    Qanon clever…. clever

  5. 8 months ago on Tom Toles

    we did it tom hes going away

  6. 9 months ago on Nick Anderson

    I thought the same thing man

  7. 9 months ago on The City

    if you remove the metal ring that wraps around the hight adjustment you can push the lever upwards dislodging it from the gear, if you move it back to the lowest setting while continuing to push up you can push it to the end again for a bigger flame. repeat as needed.

  8. 10 months ago on WuMo

    boomer comic boomer comic

  9. 10 months ago on The Argyle Sweater

    heehee funny number

  10. 10 months ago on Free Range

    with cold water though hot water makes a glue-like substance that is harder to remove.