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Contemporary confederacies of dunces now coalesce around very stable genius it seems..

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  1. 4 months ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    WorldOmeter now shows more than 10,000 deaths from Covid-19:

    There is absolutely nothing stopping this number increasing by orders of magnitude unless and until a viable vaccine enters worldwide distribution..

    This is the end of an era, and the beginning of the unknown in ways that I think few appreciate – and that the world has not been through since the Fall of 1914……

    Please take the recommendations of the epidemiologists at the WHO and the CDC as seriously as you would any police or military order (those will be coming soon enough) and take care of yourselves and those around you.

  2. 4 months ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    David Miliband, head of the International Rescue Committee, has been sounding the alarm about the coming Covid-19 crises among the homeless and refugees around the world. This is more than just a looming humanitarian nightmare, but will likely have real impact on the stability of regions like the EU Schengen Area, beyond what the knee-jerk border closures are having..

    Policy makers like Miliband, public health officials, epidemiology and virology scientists are of course collaborating worldwide at this moment, but as we have seen in America and Britain recently, the inept and misguided actions of the (dubiously) democratically chosen leaders can scuttle – and muzzle – these collaborative efforts of policy and science..

    We assume that the West has a birthright to lead the world, but in fact the dominance in global business of the English language and of American made trade, financial and communications infrastructure – as well as the spread Western ideals of liberal democracy themselves – have their roots in imperialism and coalesced only after the last great world wide cataclysm 80 years ago..

    The ways that the EU and America manage this crisis will be critical to their futures in ways that nothing since WWII have been – the future of the EU regional government and of democracy in America both hang in the balance.. But, more than just these, the long term future of the West as an ideal to the world will hinge, not just on how well these regions manage the crisis and their own recovery – but on how effective they are in the role they undertook after the global destruction of WWII.

    If it is China and not America and the EU who are able to assume this mantle it will have immediate and lasting effects on the future geopolitics of our world.

  3. 4 months ago on Kevin Kallaugher

  4. 4 months ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    As Italy is skyrocketing beyond China in numbers of deaths 6soon enough Covid-19 infections, and Spain becomes the worst hit country (that we know of) behind China, Italy and Iran, it is worth considering what the response in Europe will end up looking like, in comparison to the responses in East Asia. At this point, of the 85,000 or so recovered cases, more than 70,000 are in China, who are currently reporting no new cases at all.

    If things continue on the current trend line (assuming we can see thru most of the lies by now), then the world is likely changing not from North to South, but from West to East.

    This crisis will be over at some point, but Covid-19 cases will likely spread throughout the world unless and until an effective vaccine is put into worldwide production and distribution.. What will matter about the crisis until that point is how well the initial surge is handled in each nation.

    At this point, no nations outside of East Asia have even the impression of anything close to managing the initial surge – and no nation has don anything like what China has done in reversing a full blown outbreak in a city of more than 10 million inhabitants.

    We see what is happening in Europe, and we will all too soon see how the Trump administration bungles the looming crisis in America as states must fend for themselves.. Given that the EU and America will be fully involved in their own crises, we can only imagine how the incipient horror of Covid-19 will play out in the Middle-East, South Asia, South America, Africa..

    In the wake of all this, which model of the future is likely to be most appealing to the nations of the world as they rebuild their futures..?

  5. 4 months ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    As we all hopefully understand by now, with no vaccine the virus causing Covid-19 spreads to something like 40 to 80 percent of any population..

    The key is managing the speed of the spread, and, thus far, it seems only China, possibly Japan and (hopefully) South Korea are managing this..

    Italy, who today surpassed China’s death toll is showing the world just what happens to a highly resourced, well trained and funded medical system when the population it serves only belatedly changes its social behaviors..

    We clearly don’t know enough yet, but it seems that even beyond the horrors of being forced to ration the specialized care facilities that are now needed there in multiples of what they have, there are other effects of a belated implementation of prevention that allow Covid-19 to become more lethal – the same occurred at the height of Wuhan’s earlier unchecked outbreak…

    This is to say nothing of the effects of not being able to effectively respond to the other daily emergencies that critical care facilities are usually needed for – nor of the effects of the critical care staff themselves becoming infected at inordinate rates by having to work 24/7 without adequate protection or proper rest..

    The United States has, all told, just under 100,000 ICU beds and a similar number of ventilators. Of course, no matter how much these two items are increased there are the non-trivial matters of increasing the numbers of trained teams to use them effectively – and the supplies of full protective gear to keep these highly valued teams from succumbing to Covid-19 themselves..

  6. 4 months ago on John Deering

    The Atlantic seems to be leading the charge on this to get the word out.. I really hope someone who can help is listening…

  7. 4 months ago on John Deering

    Trump’s statements about Covid-19 and this period between when we first heard about community spread in America and when the Trump administration finally manages an actual response will very likely be seen in retrospect as an absolute fiasco that allowed thousands of Americans to die needless horrible deaths.

    I just watched the opening rounds of Japanese Sumo Grand Champion competition in an empty stadium. The last time I checked, throughout the USA (with the exception of SxSW in Austin) concerts and events and schools and universities are going on just as they always have as the rest of the world is banning such events and suspending schools..

    Meanwhile Ted Cruz just put himself in quarantine after a rally with a Covid-19 carrier..

    If there is a better example of the complete and utter lack of leadership in this crises than Trump’s comments, I have yet to see it.. But, if this ends up requiring martial law, then I expect I will see much, much worse from this administration..

    I strongly urge everyone to exercise as much caution as possible until the American government actually gets their response coordinated. Look at what happened to China’s Hubei province in 2019. Look at how massive their response had to be to recover from what happened when this was first mismanaged, covered up and allowed to get out of control in Wuhan..

    The most concerning aspect of Covid-19 is that it seems that allowing it to spread undetected not only means that there is an inevitable surge of cases once the outbreak reaches critical mass, but it also seems to allow the cases that occur to become more virulent – and much more lethal.

    Ask yourself how effective the Trump administration will be in a similar situationto Wuhan.. Ask yourself what will happen if we run blithely and blindly into Wuhan level outbreaks in Seattle, LA, NYC, Chicago,.. – all at once.

    This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Everybody please take care of yourselves and those you love.

  8. 4 months ago on John Deering

    Trump’s smiley faced sanguine platitude word salads are very loosely based on things he might have heard from the news (and, one imagines his advisors,) much as the spray from a wood chipper could be said to be loosely based on a Stradivarius if chucked in it..

    South Korea reports just over 7300 cases and 51 deaths, which is under 0.7 percent.. The recent Chinese study of 45,000 cases shows a death rate for Chinese outside of Hubei at around 0.4 percent.. The pandemic of 1918 did in fact dissipate by 1920, and the flu does retreat from temperate climes yearly in Spring..

    All these are factual, but, like surgical (and n95) masks, they require proper context – and proper use.

    Korea has tested almost 150,000 people of a population of just over 50 million. We have so far tested possibly 2,000 of our 330 million – it’s impossible to tell with the new obfuscation of CDC reporting.. We have absolutely no idea what the spread in the US looks like – and therefore no way to isolate or mitigate spread as the South Korean government is successfully doing – this is just asking for spread as Italy and Iran are currently experiencing..

    The Chinese low mortality numbers outside Hubei are the result of truly draconian isolation measures – that the vast majority of Chinese undertook willingly. In Trump’s divicive world, does anyone see such coordination happening? Anyone..? Thought not.

    Even though the influenza viral strains are among the most studied in the world, we rarely predict the predominant strains each year and we have no consensus as to why the 1918 strain behaved as it did. At this point, counting on the covid-19 coronavirus to reduce in Spring, to disappear anytime, or for an effective vaccine to be developed is the height of irresponsibility.

    But we’ve learned expect no less from our dear orange leader.

  9. 5 months ago on ViewsAfrica

    The first Google search result for “YouTube addiction”.. a YouTube video.

    Of course there are also good articles :

    “There were times I wouldn’t communicate with anyone all day. It was isolationist and repetitive and hypnotic. I would sit entranced, swelling my command of thoroughly useless information as YouTube gently wove its spell on me, drawing me deeper and deeper into its pixelated underworld. As one video finished, another one on a similar topic loaded, sucking me in for another five or 10 minutes. Half hours became hours became half days. And outside my window, the world whizzed on.


    Some poisons go to work more slowly than others. They hide in plain sight all around us, masquerading as tools to make our lives more accessible, more comfortable, and more immediate. One day we wake up and they’ve wormed their way inside our minds, ossifying our imaginations, crowding our every moment. And before we know it, we can’t breathe without them.

    “I’ve got this,” we tell ourselves. But they’ve got us."

  10. 5 months ago on Michael Ramirez

    Seems sham political prosecutions punishing Trump’s impeachment enemies with lackey lawyers loyal only to Trump and Barr aren’t far off now..

    Very dark days ahead if Agent Orange is not defeated in November – and escorted out the following January.