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  1. 10 months ago on Endtown

    Waiting and waiting and waiting for you to update your comic. Granted, I understand that interstate moves are quite a hassle and a big pain in the butt, and getting settled takes work and time but even back when you were sick in the hospital you always at least let us know how you were doing and when you were going to get back to working on the comic but, now, you don’t even leave us – your most loyal and devoted fans – any word as to why you’re not updating this comic every three days like you used to? It’s a shame and I do hope you get things back to a three day schedule like you used to have because I really don’t care at all for whatever it is you’re doing, now. Even Sarah Jolley (who writes The Property Of Hate and who went through a really horrible divorce) kept us all updated with little bits of what was going on with her. Nothing detailed, mind you, but just enough to let us know what was going on. She’s back writing, now, and I’m glad of it. Other than the move we don’t know what’s happening with you but we do hope all is well with you and that you do get back to a more regular schedule, soon.

  2. about 3 years ago on Endtown

    Finally! This is getting interesting again.

  3. almost 4 years ago on Endtown

    Portia is referring to Mavis when she says, “she killed my brother.”

  4. almost 4 years ago on Endtown

    Oh, come on! NONE of you realize that Portia is referring to MAVIS when she says, “she killed my brother!”?! It’s MAVIS! MAVIS! Wake up, already!