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  1. 3 days ago on Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons

    I knew Bernie would end up in a red state,

  2. 5 days ago on Signe Wilkinson

    Almost 20 years ago I wrote Pres. Bush, saying the U.S. should go into Afghanistan, make a big display of force, and then quickly leave saying we’d be back and it’d be much worse if they allowed more terrorists – hoping that would work. I reminded him that Alexander, the Brits and the Russians had all failed when they tried to occupy & change the society.

  3. 7 days ago on Bob Gorrell

    When I’ve asked people like Bob to give examples of socialism in the U.S., they always get it wrong.

  4. 11 days ago on Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons

    Even the ACLU understands this is a poorly written bill that needs major edits, but no, it does not diminish election integrity [https://www.aclu.org/blog/free-speech/campaign-finance-reform/congress-lets-fix-problems-hr-1-so-we-can-enact-bills-much]

  5. 13 days ago on Matt Davies

    “Corporations should, like individuals, be free to express themselves. I mean, who’s afraid here?” – Mitch McConnell speaking at the American Enterprise Institute in 2012

  6. 16 days ago on Mike Lester

    I did a search and found zero articles where a black owned Atlanta business disagreed with MLB’s decision.

  7. 18 days ago on Steve Kelley

    No intelligent person would argue that requiring an eligible voter to show they are that eligible voter is somehow undemocratic or unfair, and only the less educated still believe that an ID requirement has any meaningful effect on turnout [https://www.nber.org/papers/w25522]. However, eliminating polling places or severely restricting voting hours can affect election turnout. Even so, the probable net effect of the GOP attempts to restrict minority voting will be a backlash that increases minority turnout and results in fewer GOP candidates being elected.

  8. 19 days ago on Signe Wilkinson

    Only the simpleminded get all of their news from television or social media.

  9. 19 days ago on Chip Bok

    Obviously American Legion members were responsible for Legionnaire’s Disease.

  10. 20 days ago on Signe Wilkinson

    Covering the cost isn’t rocket science. The federal gas tax has not increased in almost 30 years, simply adjusting the tax for inflation would cover the cost (and yes, electric cars should be charged a miles driven tax alternative).