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  1. about 2 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    Bucky bits? That makes me think of crushed pieces of Bucky sprinkled on someone’s meal.

  2. 2 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    Sure. Even many born after the seventies know it, because it is Montalban’s most famous role after Khan Singh.

  3. 2 months ago on Luann

    that’s a good idea.

  4. 2 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    Stop calling Vogon poetry bad, or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don’t.

  5. 2 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    I don’t love Emily Dickinson, but I personally think “Dipwadson” didn’t work, because it sounds too unlike “Dickinson.”

  6. 2 months ago on Luann

    T.J. has obviously found his career niche.

  7. 2 months ago on Luann

    I predict that tomorrow’s strip will show her running into someone.

  8. 3 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    Oh, come on, it was funny. Even if it’s not as funny as “I built a shelter out of dung / It spews plentiful from your tongue.”

  9. 3 months ago on Luann

    I can’t tell whether Luann is merely teaching the little brat or actually behaving childishly. The problem is “my behavior.” If it means to claim Luann is behaving like a responsible adult and that makes her an adult…that’s absurd. She’s not behaving like an adult here, she’s mirroring Shannon. How does acting like Shannon make her the adult?

    And if she’s teaching Shannon, wouldn’t she know it’s not helpful to taunt Shannon by eating a cookie herself? (That is a cookie there, isn’t it?) That’s why I think she’s not trying to teach Shannon, not behaving as the adult. She’s actually being slovenly and obnoxious. The crumbs spraying from her mouth may be to emphasize that.

  10. 3 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    What, there’s a Lost in Space character who sounds like that?