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  1. 37 minutes ago on Non Sequitur

    “Dividing people into two groups is one way to do this, to spread the fear and demand fascist-like compliance is ‘virtuous’.”

    Uh oh. You weren’t supposed to say that. Now you let your cat out of the bag. You just stated what you are trying to do. Tsk, tsk. And here you thought you were putting down those who are smart enough to see through your lies. It’s such a shame that you can’t even do a credible job of spreading propaganda.

    As you lie in your ER bed, taking space and the attention of medical personnel and equipment from someone who really deserved to have use of it, please forego trying to convince the medics that you are really NOT dying of CoVid, and that they must be mistaken or that they really are part of the lying conspiracy. They will not be impressed. Trust me on that.

  2. 38 minutes ago on Non Sequitur

    “Fear and cowardice.”

    Whose? Yours?

    “Does the vaccine protect you from catching Covid? No.

    Direct lie. For the vast majority, it does.

    “Does it keep you from dying? No.”

    Direct lie. For the vast majority, it does.

    “Does it keep you from spreading it? No.”

    Direct lie. For the vast majority, it does.

    “Does it keep the virus from mutating? No (quite the opposite) …”

    Directly? No. But every person who does NOT develop full-blown CoVid, because they got the shot, is one less petri dish for a mutation to develop.

    “Does it increase your chance of dying from side effects? YES!

    Direct lie. Unvaccinated chances of contracting, and dying from, CoVid are astronomically higher than those of dying from “side effects”.

    “Do established pro-vaccination medical professionals recommend it? No.”

    How do you define “established”? I have strong ties to the medical community, having been an EMT Advanced for 6 years and having written manuals for bio-med equipment. Of hundreds of such contacts, not a single one has recommended against getting the shot if your immune system is strong.

    “Does it suppress your immune system making you vulnerable to variants? Very likely.”

    Direct lie. Disinformation supposition, based on no evidence.

    “Does it reduce your chances from dying of Covid? MAYBE.

    No maybe about it. It’s a definite yes, based upon millions of shots given across the world.

    “Fear has become a virtue.”

    And you are trying to spread it, based upon a political agenda and goal. How despicable.

    “Taking the vaccine shows how virtuous you are with your fear.”

    Those who have the ‘virtue’ of being able to sort through all the nonsense and see reality, take the shot.

    “Since it is the only virtue some people have they seek to spread that ‘virtue’ in any way possible.”

    And isn’t it nice that some people are so community-conscious that they spend valuable time to try and reach you.

  3. about 2 hours ago on Non Sequitur

    “If you can catch the virus even if you are vaccinated (which I am) then you to can also spread the virus.”

    The key phrase here is “If you can catch the virus even if you are vaccinated …”. Only the “D” variant has been shown to be able to penetrate the vaccine in any statistically-meaningful numbers, once the person has had all shots plus three weeks for them/it to become fully effective. For those who are fully vaccinated, they never build the levels of viral loads in nose and throat that readily transmit the disease.

    So yes, IF you catch the virus, which is unlikely, you can spread it. Even if what you catch is the “D” variant, it is unlikely that you will build the viral loads needed to transmit the disease to others during any contact except the intimate variety, especially if you are wearing a mask.

  4. about 3 hours ago on Non Sequitur

    “Somewhere there is power and money being made …”

    You bet there is. So far, The Party Of Trump and its political hacks have garnered more than $1 billion in ‘donations’ from the faithful, most of which is busily depositing itself into private pockets under the guise of ‘expenses’. Trump alone has garnered more than $500 million in money deposited to his personal fund-raising accounts. And there is no sign that the flow of cash into those pockets can be stopped … even though such ‘fundraising’ is a visible fraud because it is conducted by means of fraudulent claims.

  5. about 3 hours ago on Non Sequitur

    “The government’s resentment of the unvaccinated is not about “protection”; it’s about power.”

    “The government” could not care less about your perceptions of their ‘lust’ for power. The vast majority of it is people, just like you, trying their best to do their jobs for YOUR benefit.

    “If it were about “protection”, they’d be demanding that the illegals now pouring into our (formerly sovereign) country be screened and vaccinated, but they’re NOT!”

    Aaannnnd they’re not because you TPOTers have raised such a stink about “personal freedom of choice”. You can’t have it both ways, Connie. Either people are guaranteed personal freedom of choice, or they’re not. And choices have consequences. You, and the other TPOTers that keep pointing to the mess that Trump made of our immigration policies and trying to blame Biden for the pit of snakes that has resulted, have to accept responsibility for supporting the nightmare that was Donald J. Trump’s administration.

    “In fact, the government is shipping them all over the country to keep the infection going (emphasis added), along with a raft of other diseases.”

    On what report do you base this claim that “the government” is deliberately spreading Covid or any other disease? Be specific, now. Give us a link to the exact source of this information … if you dare.

    “Fear is their greatest weapon, and they KNOW how to use it.”

    For TPOT, indeed, fear is their greatest weapon, and they KNOW how to use it. You see examples of fearmongering by the Trumpists every day, especially in social media. Currently, Trump is claiming that the Maricopia ‘audit’ “proves” that there was voting irregularity and malfeasance. Not so fast. How is that Maricopa recount that TPOT demanded turning out for you?

    From the conservative Washington Post:

    From the out-of-country CNN:

  6. about 6 hours ago on Non Sequitur

    Connie, I’m going to take this step by step.

    “The disease is already dying out. Despite the hysteria promulgated by the Dems, the death rates are falling.”

    Lie. The death rates are rising again, and have been since the “D” varient arrived. And before you protest that this ‘proves’ that the vaccine is ineffective, Please consider that over 95% of those currently arriving in the ERs across the nation are _un_vaccinated.

    “The only people actually endangered by the unvaccinated ARE the unvaccinated.”

    Wrong, and a lie. There also are those who have severely depressed immune systems, as well as the millions of children below the age of 12 who do not yet have access to an approved vaccine.

    “They’ve made the choice to not trust a substance that’s being pushed by people who’ve lied to them over and over.”

    And those liars would be the Trumpers, right? You were talking about all the millions who refuse to use a substance that is approved for consumption only for 1,000 lb + animals, were you not?

    “They know the dangers but choose to take their chances.”

    As long as they isolate themselves from all other people, let them. But DON’T come crying when you are dying – or the loved one you persuaded (commanded) not to take the shot is gasping out his/her last breaths. Don’t clog up my hospital when I am trying to schedule a pacemaker implant.

    “And, despite the fears of “variants” also being promulgated by the Dems, your vaccines remain effective.”

    Only a partial truth. They remain effective – for now. And it is NOT the Democrats who are pushing for inoculations, it is the vast 95% of medical personnel who are rapidly getting sick and tired of having to tend people who refuse to get a viable immunization shot on the grounds of their perceived indignation (largely promulgated by the Trumpist Republicans) at being (so far) requested by the CDC and WHO to get the shot. It is The Party Of Trump (TPOT) who has whipped up this politically-based tempest.

  7. 1 day ago on Non Sequitur

    “… that’s one ark angle.”

    The other one is St. Peter, and his opinion of each applying entrant. ;^)

  8. 2 days ago on Rose is Rose

    I don’t recall having read that passage when (many years ago) I read Moby Dick, but I trust you quoted it quite accurately. It certainly is factual. Even ships in port occasionally get rolled by storms, and sink “… with all its shrieking crew”. Anyone so unfortunate as to be in a rolled ship at night can count on almost no chance of escape in those waters. Even a very strong swimmer can be within 200 feet of dry land and fail to reach the shore because of the vitality-sapping characteristic of the extremely cold water.

    Years ago (in the 1930s, I believe), a man who had swum 21-mile width of the English Channel (might have been Edward H. Temme) proclaimed that “It simply cahn’t be so difficult.” Eventually, he tried to swim the 4 miles from Bayfield WI to La Point on Madeline Island. So the locals tell it, he made less than 100 feet outside the Bayfield Harbor before he turned to his support boat crew and begged to be hauled out. It took him 2 days to thaw out enough to stop shivering, and he admitted that he had never experienced the energy being sucked out of him so fast in his life.

  9. 2 days ago on Rose is Rose

    Well, yes. He was a talented craftsman, and had built a reputation for constructing beautiful sailing vessels that handled very well. But on a sailboat on Superior in a storm is no place to be. Even the ocean-going big boys, like the Edmund Fitzgerald have proven the ‘Superior’ wisdom of heading to port in bad weather.

    Superior is 1,333’ deep at it’s deepest, and over 400’ deep on average. It contains enough water to cover both North and South America to a depth of 1 foot.

    Its median water temp is only 40° F, which drops in Winter. It is warmer only near shore, over sand bars, but almost never more than 75° F. In 50 years, I’ve seen above 75° at shore just once, at 76°.

    Thus, if you get dunked away from shore, you are looking at a water temp substantially less than 55° F, even on the hottest day in mid-Summer. That will send even the heartiest Human being into thermal shock and shutdown, within about 5 minutes. It also causes bodies to sink and stay sunk. Thus, the saying that “Superior never gives up her dead.”

    And the deep water allows storm winds to build wave heights above average surface of more than 50’, which means troughs of half that, which means depth differences in excess of 75 feet. These are ocean extremes. While the other Lakes are more shallow, their weather extremes are not much better.

    So it pays to be mindful. “There are old sailors, and bold sailors, but there are damn few old, bold Great Lakes sailors.”

  10. 2 days ago on Rose is Rose

    Having (wind) sailed on Lake Superior in a 14-foot Gull Lake Scamp inverted v-hull day-sailer (no cabin) I can attest to the wisdom of both carrying a weather alert radio and listening to it. We sailed out of the public slip at La Pointe, Madeline Island.

    We knew a year-round resident of Madeline who built 24-foot cabin-equipped sailboats as a hobby, producing one about every two years. While out proofing the 14th one, he got caught off the coast near Marquette WI, and did not have a weather radio with him (a classic case of “Superior” knowledge and arrogant lack of planning). When he noticed the lowering clouds, he ran (too late!) for the port at Marquette. The boat capsized or wrecked on rocks, and he drowned.

    He was in his early 70s, and had been sailing almost daily, specifically (mostly) on Superior, since he first went out with his grandfather when he was three.