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  1. 6 months ago on Matt Wuerker

    Great, but better if they were wearing pointed white hoods

  2. 7 months ago on Brian McFadden

    OldCoal – reminds us all how important GA election is. if lost, & McConnell stays SenMjtyLdr another 2 Years-in 2022 Dems Must become senate majority? Meanwhile lets all do what we can to support Ossoff and Rev.Warnock. I always trust someone voluntarily going into public service over someone appointed whos trying to hold onto power, yet incumbants are hard to beat, even as nutty as KellyLeoffler in historically Red states, she cant show how shes helped Georgians!

  3. 7 months ago on Brian McFadden

    Once again-its not up to Biden! Wait and see who he appoints as AG. In American constitutional democracy, the DOJ works for the people NOT POTUS. Doesn’t matter what POTUS wants or not, If people are loud to reps&senate&make wishes known, And DOJ has evidence to prosecute federal cases they’ll likely be done with or without special prosecutors. Most of TrumpOrgs legal troubles are in state justice systems currently, again nothing to do w/Biden or DNP. So sad how 4yrs erased decades of gradeschool constitutional civics of a democracy. We need safe schools badly and ramp up American education!

  4. 7 months ago on Kevin Necessary Editorial Cartoons

    Wish the last panel made me laugh, but not. Be Safe peeps- stay the hell away from super spreader events and locations.

  5. 7 months ago on Birdbrains

    Nothing to brag about w/collapsing ecosystems &.CO2 emissions packing up climate crisis. But what the hay; Americans are only persons that havent watched or given a darn about their carbon footprints over past 3 decades. Keep up the smog!

  6. 8 months ago on Rob Rogers

    Al Gore had approx 500k more votes in nationwide popular vote, albeit SCOTUS forced stop to counting. Imagine from POV of climate crisis where we’d be today worldwide(20yrs later) if VPGore had taken duly won POTUS position? Certainly in sustainability, carbon neutrality, it’s hard to imagine the possible position of being just ”ahead of global warming threats” instead of 30+years behind & hoping to catch up, hoping to learn to adapt to immanent threats, etc….instead of what could have been. Electoral College time to go Bye Bye.

  7. 9 months ago on Matt Davies

    Why would anyone expect an eejit who’d never lived outside his NYC asphalt blocks to grasp the concept of natural bio systems? Of course the forest must be raked! Who would expect The Donald to learn any thing every ten year old knows? Bullies werent also grade school valedictorians. Pity the fool and vote him the heck out!

  8. 10 months ago on Green Humour

    spell check doesn’t like hippo? too much Berry Beer.

  9. 10 months ago on Green Humour

    Like Marula Berry Drunks in Western African Deserts: hysterical!, from hippy, Giraffe, chimps, and stumble bum drunk elephants, a sight to see! :)

  10. 10 months ago on Drew Sheneman

    Committed Scientists have zero tolerance for debasement, bullying, political partisanship, they left. Those remaining (#heroically) have been involuntarily neutered w/out knowledge or consent. #VOTEblue2020 down ballot-to top, b/c Your LIfe Depends on It!, We(USA)have had worlds best CDC,training other nations(thankfully who remained in Wuhan after our offices were diminished to a fraction worldwide). To CDC diehards,,,,this too shall pass!