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  1. 4 months ago on Doonesbury

    You sound like a poser to me. I would have to see the 214 to believe you. but that ain’t gonna happen as I’m done with your drivel. Enjoy your time comrade.

  2. 4 months ago on Doonesbury

    Trump negotiated a proper withdrawal and handed it to China Joe who totally blew it. I said 2000 in country since nobody actually knows how many are in country and that has been stated as a possibility. Trump was not responsible for the past 14 years before he got in office and decided to withdraw and was doing it. Biden’s cabinet due to their stupidity fired the missile that killed those kids and then said “oh well” To answer your last drivel I served 6 years with two ’Nam tours and proud of my time in service. How about you, comrade? Oh and another thing, I have a disabled Grandson due to him being in a fire fight in Kandahar. So Comrade you can kiss my rosy red ass.

  3. 4 months ago on Doonesbury

    And Loser Joe is better How after making the Taliban great again and leaving over 2000 Americans to probable death let alone killing 10 innocent kids and adults and allowing 13 Service men to be killed. Please tell me how! I need a good laugh!