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  1. 5 days ago on The Other Coast

    wow, too many of the above posters are just like trump..hating what the don’t understand & using a few minor ‘talking points’ to scare others. I am a member of two wolf & wolf hybrid sanctuaries and have a ‘wolfdog’ (63% great plains subspecies). like trump’s “mexicans are thieves & rapists” ignorance..and dog breed can have it’s problem dogs/hybrids. taking i a wild animals is wrong, but raised from a pup can be properly trained. one could trip over a Chihuahua as easily as be bumped/pushed to fall as a larger animal. specific the the relative of claimed fallen woman; you’ve offer no real details and therefore should either have specifics or refrain from spreading false fear. there is NO big bad wolf, no werewolves, thus no reason to spread fear. I am also a rescue for northern breeds (having had Akitas, Siberians, Malamutes, Siberian blends) seek truths/facts..not gossip & gibberish.

  2. 21 days ago on Dogs of C-Kennel

    pumpkin/squash is very good for dogs..and PLAIN canned pumpkin will help stop bouts of diarrhea. it’s good to keep a small can on hand, especially for elderly dogs & any age that tend to eat whatever they can find!

  3. 27 days ago on Matt Wuerker

    the autistic child/young person has the bravery, poise & intelligence that dumb donny has never shown!

  4. about 2 months ago on Non Sequitur

    neither..is you, the reader, that’s seeing things. (check your meds cabinet..perhaps an opioid wink) Wiley breaks the 4th wall LOL

  5. 4 months ago on Clay Jones

    what the MAGA hatter seem in Fox..the granny fanboys see in Deedle Dolt (and is wizzing of old bits, all over the comics). dd, you are a very needy old wart. your fan group needs a blue cap, with a yellow brim (symbolizing the wee-wee you you shoot into the wind. check. I’ll bet you’re all wet. ) and for the Wiz soaked; do you actually need to read & ‘like’ his drevel, just to feel a part of a gang (like Monty Python’s Hells Grannies)?!

  6. 4 months ago on Mike Luckovich

    THAT’S IT! Mike has done a portrait of DD..the curmudgeon who, without drumpf, is merely a oldster with only needies as readers/listeners. I’ll wager that the wizzer saves newsprint & social media articles, for memorizing..so he can re-rant them, over & over & over. a lil’ morphine drip should help ol’ DD enjoy wizzin’ in his Depends. DD, tell us about the time.. and recount what we’ve all read..oh, and offer those opines that show your inner sadness & need for attention. see how many panel pages you can fill with those cries from a life now lost. time DD, it’s not measured by when the next/fresh cartoon can be bloated by your buffoonery. psssst, those birds you claim to feed are chirp-laughing at you.. because they are free & you live in a (mentally deranged) cage.

  7. 4 months ago on Dog Eat Doug

    consider an elder pet, and contact rescues..NOT shelters/SPCAs. the latter was initially for care of all animals, but money & greed/‘goddess complex’ has become a huge problem in most. too many SPCAs are actually ‘high kill’ shelters..also failing to give back/help special folks in society. :-(

  8. 4 months ago on Over the Hedge

    ACD and Aussie Shepherds are two very different breeds..even in the way they’re trained to work. L&F have overblown the personality of this AS..just as M&M do NOT tell a kind tale(pun?) of ‘Kennys’. cartoon can make us smile, but no be used as reference material!!!

  9. 5 months ago on The Other Coast

    “some say” (as I do too)… that dogs/pets live shorter lives gives us reason to adopt more of them..getting to build new bonds, learning more about them, thus ourselves. when out with any number of my current 7, I always recall similarities of those now across the rainbow bridge. never forgotten.. always in my heart!!

  10. 5 months ago on Over the Hedge

    or, in the case of DD; a news story will have him wizzing(peeing) all over himself. like a neurotic dog; if he can’t piss in multiple panels, everyday, he feels less important..so he marks his territory (oldsters in need of being a part of a group of whiners). DD.. the comic site’s version of trump; constant repetition..old tales..and a opinion via a frustrated & lost old dolt. will Jen Sorensen’s panels help him see the message?..does his wife & family just laugh and let him ramble?..and should he seek therapy? yes, Yes, YES!!!