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  1. over 6 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    @Judson Fredrickson@Everyone Else Who Reads This StripI just signed up for an account, after reading for years, to once again, as many have done before me, implore you all, toPLEASE…STOP…HIJACKING…COMMENTS

    @Herrweh made a great piggyback about the pretenses of selling the planet, while giving it a spin with today’s issues. He/She did NOT ask for a debate about climate science.

    I read these comments because most of you regulars, like@Bilan and @LeadingEdge have lots of funny “piggyback” jokes and quips relevant to the daily strip.And we ALL appreciate input from @Hobbes.

    The rest of you goodhearted souls who have tried to respond, believe me, it takes all my strength to avoid jumping in. But it only encourages people to keep starting these conversations on websites and forums that have nothing to do with it. Fight the good fight on the right battlefields, and try to help keep these threads relevant.

    “We turn to comics to laugh about our issues, not to wallow in them.” – Me

    See you in the funny papers.