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  1. about 2 years ago on Luann

    He does feel it, but that would give away his partner in crime.

  2. about 5 years ago on [Deleted]

    I don’t think that’s the drama yet, I think there will be more. I mean we knew they are fire fighter, a bush fire is nothing “huge” or unexpected compared to what is possible, so the expection for a drama is set a bit higher as that :P

  3. about 5 years ago on Luann

    So the wedding planner dresses the groom and the bride and get them ready for THEIR wedding? Doesn’t work out well, even if he would do it, they are fighting a fire…

  4. about 5 years ago on [Deleted]

    The comment is now 4 years old, when you wrote yours probably 3 years.2016-3=2013-1985=28. So it was true for his time, 2016-1985 would be 31 years ago, which is over 30 years :)

  5. about 5 years ago on [Deleted]

    Oh and Gunther with Tiff! That’s one relationship I’d want to ship myself. The Geek and the popular girl get together, and either it’s the best relationship ever after a lot of trouble, or it ends horribly.

  6. about 5 years ago on [Deleted]

    Sounds more like the story around them. And honestly the one who interested me the most was Brad, followed by TJ. They changed the most, hell even the parents did more as Luann. Maybe that’s because we read most about Luann so we get used to it. Ok I should stop saying we, I get used to it at least. But most of the times a filler appears it’s Luann or Bernice.It kinda needs a new, crazy character who gets properly introduced. And I mean crazy-crazy, not dangerous-crazy like TJ or hippie-crazy like Bernice’ college.

  7. about 5 years ago on Luann

    Finally someone who uses his brain…I actually don’t think he looks like a jock, he is just open towards other people which a lot relate to the “player-type” of males. For no reason, at least in this case. He is just straight forward, more like the “Hi, I’m Jack, wanna go drink a coffee” and not like “Hi, I’m Jack, how are you…if it’s ok to ask you that”

  8. about 5 years ago on Luann

    Jack is trying over and over again and I am sure he got her this time. She said “No” pretty fast the last times, even when it was just about going to the dog park. But this time she hasn’t declined, I am pretty sure that will lead to a “Yes”. And there she’ll notice that Jack is just fun, he doesn’t think a lot about bad sides of stuff (like: Is rock climbing dangerous?) he just does stuff which might be the right thing for a dull person like Luann.

  9. about 5 years ago on Luann

    You didn’t say what it’s supposed to mean. Just looking at you comment I would think she’s kinda pissed off.In the strip she actually looks interested, “Really?” is a typical answer that is neither a yes, nor a no, it simply implies a person hasn’t decided yet and thinking back how Luann declined him the last times this might lead to a “Yes”.

  10. about 5 years ago on Luann

    Reading the comments the people call Jack a pervert or dangerous, am I the only one who thinks he is just a normal guy who is more open towards other people? I think Luann and him could be a great couple, Luann often tends to be a bit “boring” in her life, only repeating what she is used to and he could be that kind of a fresh wind. And he tries to involve her in different things, not to forget their interests are pretty similar. Not to speak of Bernice and this other guy, even though they both seem completly different, they are pretty much the same – looking at things just as how they are, always considering the bad side of something before looking at the good side etc.