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  1. over 7 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Actually, that depends …

    If you mean the term capitalism, then correct. If you mean the concept of capitalism, then not so much. A money lender is a stereotype of a capitalist and I believe they are mentioned in the bible.

  2. over 7 years ago on Chip Bok

    Huh, interesting posting effect. My paren R paren got converted to a registered mark. Sorry but I do not seem to be able to edit it.

  3. over 7 years ago on Chip Bok

    Oh please. As an Independent voter that follows politics, this president got a vote that allowed him to fast track this. That is constitutional. The result of that vote was known to both parties, unless congress overrode things, any deal he got would pass. So either, 1 – the Republicans® were incredibly stupid, OR 2 – they knew they needed a deal (sanctions were not working, progress was still being made) and preferred to set it up so they could get one and still complain about the Democrats (D) and president to their base (any any other voter they could get to believe it).

    I prefer to think option 2. R is now just playing normal politics. Why else would they let a bill pass (could have filibustered) that would automatically let any deal go through (because they trusted Obama to get the best deal? really?).

    So let’s be honest, nothing unconstitutional, nothing bizarre, just politics. Another case of R blaming D for what they knew would happen.

  4. over 7 years ago on [Deleted]

    OK, let’s discuss that. When Clinton took office (end of 1992) the WPR was 65% when he left (end of 2000) it was 66% (up 1 and rising) when GW took office (end of 2000) it was 66% when he left (end 2008) it was (65% and dropping at 1M jobs per month, basic free fall). It dropped for about 24 months and hit 63% where it has stabilized for the last 4 years. Annual GDP growth in 2005 3.4% in free fall hitting -.3% in 2008 and -2.8% in 2009 by 2011 it was back to 1.6% and averaging over 2%/yr for the period 2010-14 (2011 was the low year during that time).

    It’s pretty easy for that number to be lower than the day he took office if his predecessor left him with a 1M job / month drain on day 1.

    So he did fix the landslide in WPR, he did fix the landslide in annual GDP change, you are correect, he has NOT built it back up to where it was when GW started.

  5. almost 8 years ago on Chip Bok

    So obviously you think she will win :)

  6. almost 8 years ago on Mike Luckovich

    Seems to be the same set of rules that Jeb Bush and Rick Scott used when they were governor. They both used private emails as well. I think Mitt Romney had his staff wipe all computers when he left office.

    Both sides do this crap. So it is not “one set of rules …” it is two sets of rules, politicians and the rest of us.