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  1. 2 minutes ago on Ted Rall

    You are badly misinterpreting the data.

    The number recovering lags the number dying by several days, because it takes longer to recover than to die. IOW, if it takes the average patient three days to die but three weeks to recover, you can’t compare the numbers until you have three weeks (less three days) passed to compare.

    Unhappily, the US is so far behind on testing that we’re not actually going to have a reliable figure for deaths due to COVID-19, until sometime next year. Since that will be the number of excess deaths this year over the actuarial prediction (which is damn accurate en masse, otherwise nobody would sell life insurance) we’ll have lots of politicians and interested others poo pooing those numbers, even though they will be the best we can possibly get. Short of digging up every person that dies and testing post mortem, that is.

  2. 33 minutes ago on Ted Rall

    You’re expecting Trump to pay?

  3. 34 minutes ago on Ted Rall

    Actually, we’ll know within a percent or less, because there will be an excess of deaths this year over the predicted number. Actuarial tables are very accurate in the mass.

  4. 35 minutes ago on Ted Rall

    It’s not the species. It’s just a few damaged individuals.

    Would you curse all dogs because a few get rabies?

  5. 37 minutes ago on Ted Rall

    The .2% is a reference to the percentage of the population that has been tested.

  6. 38 minutes ago on Clay Jones

    I never could decide if it was about hubris or just tragedy. Maybe both.

  7. 40 minutes ago on Henry Payne

    That’s impossible, just as all the physical health claims about cell tower emissions are impossible.

    I will state categorically that it is LESS possible for cell tower/phone emissions to cause health issues than it is for an incandescent light bulb to cause health issues by the heat emitted.

    Why? Because the quanta emitted by cell towers are LESS energetic than infrared emissions – IOW, the heat you feel with your skin from a light bulb or campfire. A quanta requires energy enough to knock an atom out of place in a DNA strand to produce mutation of the cell. That means UV or higher.

    Lower on the scale that heat just does not cut it. By a million to one, about.

    The only way to really affect your health with microwaves is to cook yourself or damage electronics in your body. It’s been done.

  8. about 2 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    They were staffed by National Guard.

  9. about 4 hours ago on Clay Jones

    I am STILL astonished that he came through two campaigns without being killed. Flat out flabbergasted.

  10. about 4 hours ago on Clay Jones

    This seems to be what has happened. The idea of a “not white” leading the USA has driven them to extremes to prevent it from ever happening again.

    I REALLY didn’t want Obama to get the nomination for exactly that reason.