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  1. about 3 hours ago on Robert Ariail

    The orange baboon is now withdrawing the US from the WHO.

    We proud enough yet?

  2. about 3 hours ago on Jack Ohman

    I expect he’ll be the first former POTUS to go into seclusion in Russia. Until Putin gets tired of him.

  3. about 4 hours ago on Mike Lester

    That’s the plain truth. If it’s all out there, then she’s not a target any longer.

  4. about 4 hours ago on Mike Lester

    I’m surprised that she’s still alive.

  5. about 4 hours ago on Tom Toles

    Its one of those wait and see things.

  6. about 11 hours ago on Clay Jones

    It is absolutely and UTTERLY against regulations to punish any person in any way for RECEIPT of a mismarked/wrongly classified email.

    I used to handle that exact issue for the entire Iraq theater during the draw down. So tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about so I can mock you.

  7. about 12 hours ago on Tom Toles

    Probably not. The ones most in denial will always get the very best of care.

  8. about 12 hours ago on Tom Toles

    The virus of evil spreads with ease, and inflicts itself on many. Few indeed are immune to this plague.

  9. about 12 hours ago on Tom Stiglich

    Wonder who ordered Stiggy to stick to this lie constantly for two weeks? Or is his father a cop? Or his mother?

    Something has his needle stuck in a groove.

    Stiggy can’t figure out why minorities don’t trust cops.

    Latino calls the cops, they’ll either get a shakedown or “held” while they check their citizenship five times – if they don’t just toss them over the border without bothering. Or killed.



    Blacks call the cops, they get arrested or killed.


    I think even Stiggy has seen that video, I’m not reposting it.

    So gee whiz Stiggy, just WHY DO THEY THINK THEY NEED THE COPS?

    MAYBE you could try some understanding? Oh, right, you’re paid to NOT understand a damn thing, aren’t you?

    Seems like the oligarchs have turned against you on this one. Wonder how long your paycheck will keep coming?

  10. about 12 hours ago on Jen Sorensen

    And we now have the same problem they had in the 1920’s.

    “Elites” want to squeeze the last drop of profit out of everything. Thus, they want “efficient” everything. Everything must be done as rapidly as possible and as “efficiently” as possible. There can be no room for error.

    Sounds great right? Not really. When you pare everything down for total efficiency, you remove redundancy. All redundancy must go because redundancy is the exact opposite of efficiency.

    Then you get something like coronavirus (which is a remarkably minor thing to cause this much disruption – and for that you can thank the oligarchs and their drive for efficiency) and then there will be disruptions in the “NO WAREHOUSE PERMITTED” supply lines, all the JIT will be interrupted by closures, and things just generally go to hell.

    Plants that have no need to close will close because they have one one source for a critical part – and that single source is outside the USA and doesn’t give a damn what any US official says.

    Squeezing that last bit of profit did us in and we had the Great Depression. And now we’ve looked down that abyss several times in just a couple of decades.

    Go left or go down. That’s the equation now for the USA. Either we turn away from the oligarchs and their demands for every last penny as their RIGHT, or we are going to have a depression that may never end.