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    When I went to college, there was a poster up in my dorm, “ why cucumbers are better than men”

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    small orange eggplants anyone?https://www.ufseeds.com/product/turkish-orange-eggplant-seeds/ How about cucamelon? Or snake fruit?I was introduced to many fruits and vegetables I had never seen when I was teaching EASL students. I also ate giant water bugs.

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    The Anglicized version of my first name, my middle initial and the first two letters of my last name

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    If she did break it, she is being honest. She never said she didn’t.

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    I had that swim suit in 1986!

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    Quakers don’t wear wedding rings. I work with draft horses, I don’t wear any jewelry .

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    Or everyone gets involved in a custody battle

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    I think Ann is pregnant, but just got pregnant. Like Ann doesn’t know she is pregnant. That will Gi. Up the drama. We could get Toni to be infertile and adopt Ann’s baby.

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    Can Ann sue for Palimony? https://statelaws.findlaw.com/california-law/california-palimony-laws.html