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  2. about 18 hours ago on Lay Lines

    My hometown has rockets.

  3. 2 days ago on Amanda the Great

    When each of my kids were baptized, my dad described the after-party as the time when the baby got passed around like a football.

  4. 7 days ago on Amanda the Great

    Dan would be awesome with that age group. And evening classes! Sounds like Junior CYO.

  5. 8 days ago on @Tavicat

    I was hoping for blankets.

  6. 12 days ago on @Tavicat

    In flight meal.

  7. 12 days ago on Raising Duncan

    As they recommend, nap when the baby naps!

  8. 15 days ago on @Tavicat

    And if was Pippi, there would be no yoga mat left as retaliation.

  9. 15 days ago on Sunshine State

    I can dig it.

  10. 19 days ago on Now Recharging

    Is he going to verse them into submission?