Martian tartan

Ugly, Fat and Crabby Free

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  1. about 2 months ago on Bad Machinery

    Um, because I’m not good looking, trim and pleasant!

  2. about 2 months ago on Bad Machinery

    There’s nothing particularly significant about any of it. It’s a piggy bank on the shelf next to a pencil cup. One of the pencils has a bee eraser stuck on its top.

  3. about 2 months ago on Daddy's Home

    I think the real question is, “Why do you need your good underwear today?”

  4. 2 months ago on Bad Machinery

    There’s also a wendigo in another comic here – Swan Eaters by Georgia Dunn.

  5. 2 months ago on Barney & Clyde

    I love her Gramps, too. Doesn’t everyone?

  6. 4 months ago on Bad Machinery

    But Linton is, in many respects, not a typical boy that age. I would expect that behavior from some, but not from Linton.

  7. 4 months ago on Bad Machinery

    I knew that Linton was a bit, shall we say, below his age level emotionally, but I didn’t realize he could be such a jerk.

  8. 4 months ago on FoxTrot Classics

    I tried to do that one time after my doctor advised that I should cut back. I only made it halfway to the office before I had to stop and get some. Never again!

  9. 4 months ago on Nest Heads

    Charlie, you really nailed it. That is a very authentic 70s look.

  10. 5 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    I hate to side with Bucky on anything, but he may be right about Rob’s lack of intelligence. You’d think that by now Rob would know better than to leave something like that where Satchel could get at it.