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  1. almost 7 years ago on Jeff Stahler

    Mr. Stahler,

    I saw your reaction to the tragic school shooting. There seems to be something missing in your picture. I think maybe it’s the child’s daddy-the mother’s husband. What is your message? There are no longer dads in our homes loving, protecting, crying with mom & children. Are you trying to help or divide? I saw many dads at the Crime Scene carrying a child or walking with their little hand in his large hand. Maybe you didn’t mean to convey the message I got, nevertheless, I interpreted that scene as further division. Many men lead their families in prayer on their knees. Too many times in America men are dipicted as mindless clods instead of a good dad. Women are more caring, more intelligent while dufus dads are not in the picture. I hear so much about single moms, but little about single dads. My son is a single dad. He loves his boy above life itself. Think about the tragedy at that school. I’ve listened very closely, but haven’t seen or heard a minister, pastor or priest on TV, only government officials such as the president, governor and so on. As someone commented, how could god let this happen? And the answer was he wasn’t there, he has been locked out of our schools. Thanks for being patient with me I’m just a very frustrated dad.