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  1. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    There were anthro-pig bones found in the river with tooth marks

  2. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    I’m not sure if Jacob is directly involved, but I’m pretty sure that someone in his office is. Jacob seemed genuinely horrified at the idea of endtowners eating each other, so I’m not sure if he’s gotten that far down the rabbit hole yet.

  3. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    Someone is playing the two groups off each other

  4. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    *Gustine. Stupid autocorrect

  5. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    Lucas didn’t get violent until he was brought face to face with Jack.Plus (as evidenced by the way they handled Al and Justine) endtown security obviously has a more secure holding cell for dangerous prisoners, and access to some sort of truth serum. If Jack wanted real info from him he could have let the professional interrogators handle things

  6. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    Like I said, I feel like Jackrabbit might have been poking the bear, so to speak, in an attempt to get rid of what he sees as a problem with his so called “perfect” endtown. Five bucks says that Jackrabbit has a camera rigged up somewhere in there and that he’s going to use the footage for propoganda

  7. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    It’s really hard to get people to back off when they latch onto a certain idea. I actually got told off when I sent someone a link to a snopes article disproving something because it was “leftist fake news” :/

  8. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    I don’t think that whoever is killing the pigs are canids, or at least, not JUST canids. medical exam showed that the bite marks were from a ton of species.

    What I DO think is that someone has been working on pushing the wolves to the breaking point this whole time, knowing that everyone is going to focus on the mass slaughter following a riot rather than the people being killed behind the scenes

  9. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    I’m starting to get the feeling that things are about to get all zootopia up in this shit. Most predatory animals are, by nature, opportunists. Jackrabbit ran on a platform of forcing people to accept the persona associated with their animal forms, which sounds great in theory, less so when you’re one white rabbit in an underground cage filled with predatory animals.

  10. over 4 years ago on Endtown

    my thoughts exactly. but then again that’s sort of how all revolutionaries end up. God, the only reason this country didn’t crumble apart at the seams at the very start was because we had the supreme luck of having a leader who didn’t come away from his first taste of power wanting more.