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  1. 5 days ago on Non Sequitur

    Loved that song

  2. 10 days ago on Dick Tracy

    RIP David Dorn you were one of the good ones. End of Watch

  3. 12 days ago on JumpStart

    and my second too!

  4. 13 days ago on Speed Bump

    The part wasn’t to expensive $135 labor $560, they had to drop the fuel tank and put in a new sensor

  5. 14 days ago on Speed Bump

    Mine cost me $775 this week!

  6. 29 days ago on Luann

    You really think this is the end!

  7. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy

    If it’s NY he will be out before the ink is dry on the report.

  8. about 2 months ago on Tarzan

    A bullet hole and an arrow kinda weakens animals even DemocRATS that’s for the one above leave politics out of the cartoon page

  9. about 2 months ago on Luann

    She knew Tiff would snoop, so she Planted it.

  10. 2 months ago on Luann

    Her room looks better than Zits