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  1. over 5 years ago on @Tavicat

    O_O that sounds…… unsafe.

  2. almost 6 years ago on [Deleted]

    Hey A) both are perfectly possible especially because the second one could have been an offhand joke rather than anything serious, B) it is perfectly possible that an 8 year old could have come across a certain quote or been told it by a parent. the other kid is written that way because it makes sense for the writer, and is fine in this context. C) How the hell is that frazz praising himself? it is literally just him saying that exercising can help you not feel sad enough to cry, and that the ocean is not strictly necessary. D) all this doesnt matter because fuck off it was perfectly fine, and this is how the strip usually goes.

  3. almost 6 years ago on New Adventures of Queen Victoria

    Oh gawd this meme. I loved this meme before I was active on the internet at all, because my sister showed it to me when I was a kid. I used to sing it sometimes, and it would be me and my sisters inside joke :D.

  4. almost 6 years ago on Clay Jones

    No she isn’t 95% of that fund goes directly to her campaign. She is using it to launder money.

  5. almost 6 years ago on Get Fuzzy

    As long as Rob doesn’t just give up and rat him out that is.

  6. about 6 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Not a bad point, but the problem is as an informed liberal democrat I despise Hillary Clinton and what she stands for both by statement and ommision.

  7. about 6 years ago on Ted Rall

    I did not read this as anti sanders? I read it more as commentary on how hillary has not bothered to appeal to the voter base and has instead made them despise her

  8. about 6 years ago on Jerry Holbert

    She is not a thief. She is however a habitual liar, awful human being, war criminal, and friend of war criminals like henry kissinger.

  9. about 6 years ago on New Adventures of Queen Victoria

    It’s a misleading statement. A: clintons rate was at 5%, and B the main point is not that nobody had jobs its that people lost good jobs, and had to take bad ones due to nafta.

  10. about 6 years ago on Tom Toles

    The daily interview Was filled with actual legitimate gotcha questions, unlike the republican version, they were actually clearly biased and designed to cause trouble.