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  1. almost 4 years ago on Rose is Rose

    God Bless and Keep, Sir!

  2. almost 5 years ago on Doonesbury

    Finally, something funny and true about Trump to laugh about! Thanks! I needed this!

  3. almost 5 years ago on What's Changed and What Hasn't - an FAQ

    Gotta admit, I agree.

    Many tablets are large enough, with screen resolution enough, such that a regular web browser page view, “shrunk down,” is no trouble in the least. Tablets are held far closer than laptop screens, so the net-net is often a clearer view of the page on the tablet than the laptop screen.

    Like many, I loathe technology or “user designers” that see that I am on an iPad, so feel they MUST SAVE ME FROM MYSELF… and force me to a “mobile app”- for the appropriate user experience. Sites all over do this, such as the NYTimes. Getting back to a simple default web page experience is often torturous, even impossible!

    My experience is harsh: I have NEVER seen an app page, substituting for any web based site, that was even remotely as good as the default page the average browser shows the average PC user. No exceptions. Something is always truncated, or was shrunk, or often outright eliminated, when a browser still worked fine – all because somebody in a back room said: "Ack, it’s an iPad! MUST turn on the “mobile” view!"

    “Let the user alone decide” is the appropriate default.

  4. almost 5 years ago on What's Changed and What Hasn't - an FAQ

    I would love ve a way to give feedback to the comic authors. Not all strips have comment capabilities – and some have no way at all, anywhere, to provide feedback. For example, being able to give some kind of feedback on “9 Chickweed Lane” would be a wonderful thing!

    Thanks for all you do. Gocomics.com is a necessity! :)

  5. about 5 years ago on Peanuts

    Just love the evil Snoopy grin here. It’s a rarity in the range of Snoopy expressions….

  6. about 5 years ago on New Adventures of Queen Victoria

    Well stated! I am sorry for your loss, and for so many others who lost people on this terrible day.

    I also am pained by the chest beating “patriots” among us who see only their war like “patriotism” as the only valid response. Just remember, we started two wars as a result of these events, wars that now are proven to have done nothing much to make us any safer, but which bankrupted the US, and cost us many American troops.

    Also, think of the very many who died in the Mideast as a result: 9/11 is the dawn of events that ultimately killed many countless thousands of their friends and family!

    Who benefitted? The arms makers…

  7. about 5 years ago on Rose is Rose

    There is more love in this one strip over the long run, month after month, than all the others put together. On this one particular day and date, it feels right to say “thanks!”

  8. about 5 years ago on Ali's House

    Really like this so far…

  9. about 5 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Absolutely delightful! Love the innocence of youth on display here!

  10. over 5 years ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    Love this…

    What DID we all do before Marigold and Phoebe showed up on the scene?!