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  1. about 6 years ago on Luann

    Since panel 1 is Luann’s approach she should have been saying ‘Hey boy!’

  2. about 6 years ago on [Deleted]

    Hi LuannFan1212, I agree with you that Luann is acting out what she thinks Bernice expected from the pre- New York/ Quill break up Luann, and not actually losing control for a moment. I guess I just felt like the Luann/Quill strips of last week offered a gentle and very civil sense of closure to this chapter in Luann’s life, and as a reader am ready to see her get on with things and make a fresh start without Quill. So she and Bernice sitting around talking about the relationship feels anti-climatic and drawn out. But, perhaps this is just a lead in to strengthening and re-affirming the Luann/Bernice relationship, which would be nice, so I will try to keep an open mind this week. (I still wanna see a lot more of Bernice/Tiffany interactions, those two are hilarious!)

  3. about 6 years ago on Luann

    Oh Luann, your conversation with Quill last week was the picture of dignity, graciousness and maturity. Please don’t ruin that:(

  4. about 6 years ago on Luann

    Sad strip today, it really feels like Quill is saying his final goodbye. But it is all right, they will be fine and maybe one day their days together will become happy memories.

  5. about 6 years ago on Luann

    I like how Quill asked Luann how she is getting along with Prudence. He remembered her anxiety about his friendship with Prudence, and took an interest. He’s probably thinking that Luann and Prudence were free to develop a great relationship now that he and Luann have broken up too. Which is not the whole story, Prudence’s confession would have eased the tension a lot too if they were still dating. It’s still a question to me whether she told Quill she was a lesbian. I would guess she did because she is at ease with it and not shy, as shown by her confidence in telling Luann and Bernice. In which case, good for you Quill, for not spilling the beans to Luann. It is Prudence’s tale to tell or withhold, not yours.So in the end, if this is the end between Quill and Luann, Dez’s prediction that Prudence would be the factor that determined the outcome between Quill and Luann seems to be false. Certainly Prudence was involved, but it was the relationship stresses between Luann and Quill that broke them up prior to the New York trip. Whether the character quality of prudence was a factor, I can’t tell. Thoughts?

  6. about 6 years ago on Luann

    I like what you said about ‘weird’ becoming ‘normal’:) I hope that happens for them!

  7. about 6 years ago on [Deleted]

    Do you think so RolloTheGrouch? I guess that’s possible.I kind of thought he was just openly discussing the options, and letting Luann choose which she preferred. Maybe tomorrow will provide a closure to the conversation, but I kind of think it will last into Friday.

  8. about 6 years ago on Luann

    Way to go Quill and Luann! Talking very openly, good communication.

  9. about 6 years ago on Luann

    Wonderful strip today:)

  10. about 6 years ago on Luann

    It’s good to see Quill and Luann talking, even if only a word at a time. I liked Quill’s comment in the last panel. His expression seems friendly, it’s just a little sad, and also a little playful bit of the old Quill that Luann found so charming before. I can’t see Quill putting his career first or Luann’s desire to be valued over all else as moral or ethical failings. They simply have different values. I think Quill should have checked with Luann before cancelling his plans to go to New York with her, maybe he couldn’t resist using that as an excuse to do what he really wanted to anyway. But he’s still young and growing up. Luann dreams of being the most important thing in a young man’s heart, a princess he would abandon it all for if need be, wealth, power, or even opportunities to further his acting career. She may be a bit naive, Quill needs to build a solid career before he’ll be able to offer financial security to his spouse, and this is the time in his life to do it. But she is young as well, and like all the characters, still growing. I hope they will mend things and part as friends when the time comes.