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  1. over 3 years ago on Nancy

    Sorry, I’m not finding the strip funny. I think part of the difficulty is trying to use humor with a heavy modern message on characters that look like they did in the 1940’s.

  2. over 3 years ago on Nancy

    Fascinating. Nancy has never been one of my favorite comics, but all this controversy has me reading it. I could care less if the cartoonist is male, female, or other. It makes no difference as to a comic being funny or not. And in my opinion, the “new” Nancy is not. I like how the strip is drawn similar to the original style, but I suggest Olivia Jaimes hire a gag writer. Such collaborations are very common in the comic strip business.

  3. about 5 years ago on Non Sequitur

    I’ve been a long time fan of Wiley’s humor, but this cartoon and some of the comments that have been made highlight a problem with the system as well as the fickle public. If security is increased, people complain about inconvenience and a loss of privacy. When security incidents occur, people complain that TSA or DHS haven’t done enough to increase security. I have sympathy for TSA Officers and leadership. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t!

  4. over 7 years ago on Scary Gary

    More repeats?

  5. over 8 years ago on Drabble

    Another great cartoon by Mr.Fagan. Truly a situation many of us fear at social gatherings. Right up there with asking a woman when her baby’s due and being told she’s not pregnant.

  6. over 8 years ago on Mike du Jour

    The colorist got it wrong I guess. I thought the birds were flies and the brown puffs to be…well, you know.

  7. almost 9 years ago on Emmy Lou

    Why isn’t the cartoonist’s name included?

  8. over 9 years ago on Imagine This

    You’re handling this well Lucas. The word on your strip being ripped off is spreading. Regardless of the legal issue, Imagine This will gain more fans.