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  1. over 7 years ago on Claw

    This comic is off to a terrible start. Really a pile of poop? haha… real funny. “owlturd” seems better despite its stupid name. same goes for “cattitude”. But this comic seems as dumb as the pile of crap in the title bar image. good luck though, make sure to use all the colors so they don’t notice how stupid this crap is.

  2. over 8 years ago on Dinosaur Comics

    funny material.. as usual. but cmon man. inappropriate language for most kids who will search/find something like “dinosaur comics” and same artwork every single day seems like a bit much….or not enough.

  3. over 9 years ago on Lard's World Peace Tips

    I saw the mona lisa in person when I was about nine. It seemed very small to me, much smaller than I had imagined it would be.

  4. almost 10 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    LAST COMMENT OF THE DAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! pearls before swine is my shiiiiz. okay i’m done now.

  5. almost 10 years ago on Red and Rover

    nothing says thank you like a big lick to the face. just don’t try that on girls, guys.

  6. almost 10 years ago on The Duplex

    LOL it looks just like her. what a hideous lump of garbage she is!

  7. almost 10 years ago on Garfield

    no towel needed. I’ll act like I want a kiss, then I’ll kiss his nose and run away laughing

  8. almost 10 years ago on Red and Rover

    yes our dogs love us. and when we love them. even when we are at work or school and they are left wondering if we will ever come back.

  9. almost 10 years ago on Four Eyes


  10. about 10 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    it’s okay. kids don’t have imaginations these days so they like math. instead of imaginations they have iphones and ipads and the internet to keep them occupied all day.