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  1. over 9 years ago on Non Sequitur

    First, and foremost – overarching all that I have read – I say, WOW!, really, over a COMIC STRIP?!?!?!? – WOW!

    Second, I have to admit that I haven’t been able to read the daily comics in awhile so I didn’t know that the website address was featured on each of them. I thought it was for just this one to get some sort of feedback on this particular one…

    Anyway, I’ve always wondered why believers in something can’t just accept the fact – the fact – that there will be non-believers in that thing and just leave them alone and move on. You know, like, “You believe? Cool. You don’t believe? Cool” – Why is it important that anyone else at all believe as you do? Ever? A person’s belief is theirs. Can’t that just be enough for ANYONE? Any of you? As I read all of these comments I was just wondering that….

    I understand that the answer might be that if you believe in something which you have concluded is positive or worthwhile, you want others to enjoy it also so you’ll have some reasons why they should. But whan they don’t or won’t, can’t you just leave them along in their “ignorance”? I can, so what if they don’t go along with me? SO WHAT.?

    So, since you’ve bugged your eyes out staring at this crazy long post, I’ll conclude with these:

    1. Do you guys really not have any other arena to debate such issues? – IT IS A COMIC STRIP.

    2. Dane has the right to to make the “Commandments” fit her Church’s agenda. That’d be their point.

    3. The writer of “The Ten Commandments” (whomever you believe that to be or not be) was also trying to further a personal agenda. Who ever said it wasn’t so? In the human existance there’s always a personal agenda trying to be furthered. Always.

    4. Don’t bother asking me what my views on religion or politics are – I won’t tell you. Frankly It’s none of your business and it never was.

    FINALLY, if you see any typos, mispellings, or any grammar mistakes – I don’t care so might as well not comment on them.