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  1. about 4 hours ago on Over the Hedge

    If you are a pro s’mores eater, a full bag of marshmallows, a box of graham crackers and several big chocolate bars are nothing. :o)

  2. about 5 hours ago on Brewster Rockit

    Same here. We were all in consensus. We took a risk and had 7 for Thanksgiving. It was just my mom, my sister, her husband, her youngest daughter (and fiancé), me and my daughter. We all were the super careful type – stayed home as much as possible, went out with masks on all the time. If we went shopping it was at off hours and we went thru the store as fast as we could, using self-check out. It was only the second time this year I have had the chance to see my mother and sister.

  3. about 5 hours ago on Baldo

    Can’t say I passed my mom’s parallel parking test the first time (or the 2nd, 3rd, etc.), but by the time she was done with instructing me, I could parallel park on hill in reverse. With a stick shift. Of course, when I went to take my test, they didn’t test ANY of the hard stuff. Maybe the fact that I showed up driving a stick shift. Backed it out of a parking spot without killing the engine, pulled it out onto the street with no problems. He told me to go back to the testing station (we were still on the street with the testing station), park and come in and get my license. After all that practicing, it was kind of a let down. LOL

  4. 3 days ago on JumpStart

    Military Policeman – I am an American. Sorry, should have spelled it out.

  5. 3 days ago on Pluggers

    One thing I really appreciated about my parents – if they PROMISED we would do something, we did it. If they didn’t promise, it could go either way – depending on the circumstances. VERY seldom did they promise anything, but boy we sure tried to get that sublime phrase added to their “yes”. About the only way it wouldn’t happen is if one of us had to go to the hospital. Then it would just get postponed. I can’t remember them ever breaking one of their promises.

  6. 3 days ago on Pluggers

    If we didn’t START with all the information the answer was definitely no. We learned that one early on. Mom was a teacher, dad was a military policeman (MP).

  7. 4 days ago on Pluggers

    Let’s see…I was getting ready to turn 12. But I DO remember all the political advertising. I think that election was the first time I became aware of this thing called “an election.”

  8. 4 days ago on Overboard

    While my dad was alive, the Thanksgiving menu was set. The only variety allowed was adding to, not replacing anything. Same with who did what job/prepared what dish (especially when my sister and got to be 10 and 12 yrs old). That would have been around 1967. It stayed that way until he passed away in March of 2014. Then everything changed. We had KETO Thanksgivings, we had vegan thanksgiving – tofurkey is not to my liking – we had gluten free Thanksgiving. This year we said, forget it, we are going with what we LIKE, which is the traditional stuff my dad insisted upon! Yay! The only changes are – I am not doing the turkey this year. Mostly because my sister raised the turkey and has the facility to process the turkey. (I can do it, but just don’t have the space in an apt. – not sure the leasing company and neighbors would like it either). So we bring whatever my sister and her youngers kids don’t bring. I think her youngest (almost 30, I think) will be providing dessert. She is an awesome baker!

  9. 4 days ago on Overboard

    We are doing our casserole sans soup (i.e., just plain cooked green beans with butter). My daughter is sensitive to cows milk and would rather save her use of lactaid for things like creamy mashed potatoes and biscuits with lots of butter and ice cream! She limits herself to 2 a day and they are good for 45 mins. so she has to plan carefully. At least she is not totally intolerant. She can handle goat’s milk just fine in all its forms. Just not cows milk.

  10. 4 days ago on JumpStart

    With a teacher as a mom and an MP as a dad, my sister and I learned to read clocks and not to be late – at a very early age.