1985 debbie age 34

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  1. 4 months ago on That is Priceless

    I grew up being put in a high chair just like that. Mom didn’t have a seat belt… she simply tied me in with a dish towel. That was after I fell, hit the floor, and got knocked out. I’m 73 now. Still alive!

  2. 7 months ago on Brewster Rockit

    Mine is: Help me find my glasses.

  3. 7 months ago on For Better or For Worse

    I remember watching The Hit Parade on tv in my single digit years.

  4. 7 months ago on Rose is Rose

    It’s 44 years for me. I still miss him.

  5. 10 months ago on For Better or For Worse

    Got my license on Oahu in sixty-something. Never got lost. 50 years later, showing my son where I grew up, I thought, “Who needs stinking GPS?” So lost trying to find the “blowhole.” Learned my lesson.

  6. about 1 year ago on For Better or For Worse

    Yes. Second hand smoke killed my mom. Thanks a lot, Dad. (It got him 5 years later.)

  7. about 1 year ago on Tarzan

    Oh… now I need to find my Tarzan books. I just think of him as Tarzan’s son. Need to reread! Thanks.

  8. about 1 year ago on Tarzan

    Who is Korak, anyway? I don’t remember him from any of the books.

  9. over 1 year ago on Tarzan

    Bad move on their part, if they do. Too many paywalls around as it is. I’ll just start rereading my ERB books. They have better stories, anyway.

  10. almost 2 years ago on Luann

    Gees, Nancy. Buy more forks so you don’t use them all each day. Bernice will put the forks where the unused ones are.