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  1. 16 days ago on Get Fuzzy

    I loathed these unfunny strips the first time they ran in the paper. They should NOT be recycled here (or anywhere.) EVER. Buried and forgotten like the bad idea they were…

  2. 3 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    @Zwilnik64: nor is it a trait any feline admits to!

  3. 6 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    Actually, I think that would be protected use under editorial and satire, so I don’t think Ferrari could do much, legally. But IANAL nor do I play one on TV, so obviously, take my advice w/ a HUGE CHUNK of salt…

  4. 7 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    While the one @ Lackland is appropriate [it’s where our wardogs are trained & [thankfully, now] retrained for retirement to forever homes], there should be a wardogs monument in D.C. with our other war memorials or @ Arlington or something. They earned it! But at least the U.S. Army has stopped euthanizing them in theater & is bringing them back home now…

  5. 7 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    Realistic. Altho’ I think extra treats would be more appreciated; hydrants are just a convenient focal point, but food is FOOOOOOD! ;-D

  6. 7 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    NB: All of which reminds me, I need to get a “Coyote Food” stamp made up to hit all the “lost cat” signs that keep going up around here. Cats don’t get lost! Someone moves from Seattle to Miami, & boxes their cat by mistake, they get to Miami, the cat pops out of the box & runs off, 10 months later they get a call from their old neighbor, “Hey, your cat showed up at your old place.” Cats always know their space, that’s why you’ve always got to keep them locked up after a move until they recognize the new place as “their domain…”

  7. 7 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    …and yes, I learned that the hard way a couple decades ago, when THE BEST CAT EVER was a yearling [corresponding to a human teenager & ergo prone to finding trouble] & my roommate [who was his nominal owner] kept letting him out when he’d get home from work, despite my repeated admonitions not to do so. :-(

  8. 7 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    Was just elucidating the possible basis for the statistic & why it seems so high. Where I live [’burbs w/ copious green belts], the coyote population keeps the feral cats pretty well in check. Dunno if raccoons hunt cats too; if so, we got lots of those as well [indiscriminate omnivores w/ near-thumbs being able to thrive where other wildlife cannot forage…] Anyway, someone who wants to keep their cats here learns pretty quickly they have to incarcerate them at night, no matter how obdurately their feline attempts to get outside & prowl at dusk…

  9. 7 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    “20% of kittens born…” Lots of feral cats, producing lots of kittens that don’t survive to adulthood [thank goodness! Feral cats are a plague on wildlife!]

  10. 7 months ago on Get Fuzzy

    You’re confusing reflectance with radiance, and are woefully ignorant of the nature of heat sinks… ;-D