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  1. almost 7 years ago on [Deleted]

    To which conservatives and RWNJs counter-scream, “IT’S A LIE! IT’S A LIE!! IT’S A LIE!!!” ad infinitum, ad nauseum, until those whose viewpoint inclines leftward stop speaking, due to the futility of the effort to converse meaningfully with those who incline rightward …

  2. over 7 years ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    Do us a favor … STFU!!!!!

  3. almost 8 years ago on Tony Auth

    “When the president can ignore the constitution and get away with it, then we are no longer governed by a legitimate government.”

    That statement applies even more appropriately to the 43rd POTUS than the present (44th) POTUS!!!

  4. about 8 years ago on Signe Wilkinson

    Tell me … do you agree with the current policy in Texas — no education degree necessary, just find a way to pass the teacher certification exam?

    Sounds to me like the Texas state government has fed the problem that you describe — if a degree is not necessary, why develop thinking skills, initiative, etc.???

  5. about 8 years ago on Tom Toles

    Sorry, but the CBO and the OBM both posted that the deficit is falling this year …

  6. about 8 years ago on Tom Toles

    Wish that YOUR stereotyping would go the way of the Roman chariots …

  7. about 8 years ago on Tom Toles

    The same as your email from Rush …

    Nothing worth paying attention

  8. about 8 years ago on Tom Toles

    “Typical distraction politics …”

    Learned by watching the Republicans since the 1950s, courtesy of Joe McCarthy and Dick Nixon …

  9. about 8 years ago on Tom Toles

    “… regular Joe … Mitt Romney …”???

    Glad you can have a beer with Mitt … I sure wouldn’t!!!

  10. about 8 years ago on Joel Pett

    Anyone who cannot do simple math and realize that a country of 300 million cannot sustain 90 million unemployed will never comprehend the truth …