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  1. almost 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    Well, the Princess will be back week after next. And Milwaukee is gone.

  2. almost 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    At the same time he was producing Nemo, he was also doing uncounted daily-format strips of The Rarebit Fiend, and lots of Sundays as well; and Little Sammy Sneeze; and assorted other dailies and Sundays. AND he was doing a lot of very complex (and pioneering) animation; AND he was appearing in live Vaudeville shows with his animated Gertie The Dinosaur. Plus he painted the Sistine Chapel, wrote the Complete Works of Shakespeare, designed the Panama Canal, and Penn Station; and served as President under the name Teddy Roosevelt. He was also an Olympic swimming champion, inventor of the airplane, and later in life discovered King Tut’s tomb. He also designed and painted Tut’s quarters. He was also a gourmet chef, a judo champ, an entomologist, a brilliant military strategist, an opera singer, and a composer of symphonies. Oh, and he invented Coca-Cola and the Ford Model T. And more.

  3. almost 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    Don’t worry, this travel series is an anomaly in the Nemo canon. We get back to Slumberland and astounding fantasy very soon now. I actually like this travel series, though. It’s a look at how the early 20th-C. Americans viewed themselves.

  4. almost 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    Where is McCay’s name in the strip? I’m sure it’s perfectly obvious, but I can’t find it.

  5. almost 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    “(Toronto is) the greatest city to have fun in, in Canada.” That was never Toronto’s reputation. It was called “Toronto the Good”. It was a grey, dour, Presbyterian city. It finally began to loosen up in the 1980s, and now it’s just as sin-soaked as any other metropolis.

  6. almost 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    Yes, this is kind of a magical tour! In 1911, very little was ever seen from the air. Now as for “sheeing” . . . when was skiing as we know it introduced to North America? And when was it named?

  7. almost 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    I think I’ll move to Canada, too. Oh, wait! I already live in Canada! Maybe it’s 1911 I want to move to!

  8. almost 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    It’s hard to believe that anybody still wants to pump for the Confederate cause.

  9. about 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    Dragonmaster — You must be younger than me. (It’s not hard.) “Comic Supplement” was a common term back when I was a wee tad. Newspapers used to refer to a number of dfferent “supplements” — the Sports Supplement, the Colour Supplement (magazine section), the Women’s Supplement, etc. etc. This terminology was not universal, but not rare either.

  10. about 5 years ago on Little Nemo

    Panel three: those look nothing like redwood trees. I wonder what misbegotten reference he used.As for “redskins”, it was used derogatorily then, and it is derogatory now. It is utter rot to say that people are being over-sensitive about it. I presume that the person trying to make excuses for it is a paleface.