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  1. about 10 hours ago on Pearls Before Swine

    I wonder what the mugs need handles for. No one ever uses them.

  2. about 10 hours ago on The Grizzwells

    You should be thankful for the warning: As a fluffy bunny it’s safer to be out of reach when Gunther finds that he need something (or someone) to wipe himself down.

  3. 2 days ago on Non Sequitur

    Sometimes 4 days make all the difference.

  4. 2 days ago on Non Sequitur

    Oh, wow. There’s annother genius.

  5. 3 days ago on Mike du Jour

    “It takes one to know one” doesn’t apply with unflattering characters.

  6. 5 days ago on The Buckets

    There are dogs that learn to use a litter box. The cat will demand one of her own though, where the dog won’t disturb her.

    Friends of mine hat a Saint Bernard. The kids taught her to use the humans toilet: lift the seat with her nose, squat on the bowl and flush after finishing her business. It enabled them to travel despite the very large dog.

  7. 5 days ago on Pearls Before Swine

    There are a bunch of reasons why home owners might neglect fireproofing their homes. It might be too costly. They can’t do it on their own and there’s no help to be hired. They prefer to pay insurance. They might consider selling the lot anyway and building ground is paid better without an old home on it.They might think It’s a hoax and there will be no fire. They might have MUCH trust in God and expect no harm will come their way. Or they believe they deserve the punishment or it’s fate and it’ll happen anyway.

  8. 5 days ago on Frazz

    Depends on the kind of music one listens to.

  9. 10 days ago on The Grizzwells

    How is a past war of any significance for a bear in the woods?

  10. 10 days ago on Frazz

    Being bored in a class means the subject is either too advanced or too easy. As the teacher has to look out for the least capable pupils it was usually that the smarter ones had their minds wandering and coming up with mischief.