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  1. over 8 years ago on WaynoVision

    Then get to a tanning booth and work on that past®y complexion.

  2. over 8 years ago on Brevity

    His pardner seems Bowied by the comment!

  3. over 8 years ago on Eric the Circle

    I get this “Oh no Mr. Bill” vibe on this one!

  4. over 8 years ago on Brewster Rockit

    Hi, my name is Adam, I believe one one of my ribs belongs to you?

  5. over 8 years ago on Brevity

    One Jawa, one padme and one Jinn ….Oh I ain’t seen my Jedi since the night before last ..Wanta feel the Force, man I wanna feel it fast ..

  6. over 8 years ago on [Deleted]

    Words are elemental. I was watching the “Dark Girls” documentary last night wit my wife and it was clearly pointed out that the words that people have spoken to them have far reaching consequences. The mother who praised her daughter’s virtues and looks but then added at the end," if she was only a few shades lighter, then she would be the most beautiful girl" was shattering to her daughter. I once had a former student visit with her 1 year old child who she referred to as "He"s bad" so I told her that what she speaks into that child by faith will be. She did take what I said to heart and her son was always well behaved on other visits. By the words of our mouths we are either freed or ensnared.

  7. over 8 years ago on F Minus

    Nice ! But that’s brush not Bush!

  8. over 8 years ago on Brevity

    Looks like (Francis) Bacon to me!

  9. over 8 years ago on Get Fuzzy

    Suddenly everything is clearer now, thank you!

  10. over 8 years ago on F Minus

    Time for the total perspective Vortex. Fairy cake , anybody?