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  1. over 1 year ago on JumpStart

    Misplaced judgment too. There is no evidence that Ray is hiding anything. I suspect he would tell his own story to anyone trying to hire him. But it’s his story. What Joe is doing is really harassment. He has no official standing or place to follow Ray around and “tell on him”. And what he’s doing insults both Ray’s integrity and his brother’s intelligence.

  2. over 1 year ago on JumpStart

    Yay, Clarence and Charlene! Don’t spend what you don’t have. Good advice for individuals, families, and governments.

  3. over 1 year ago on Clay Jones

    Obama has ignored or skipped intelligence briefings for years. Where’s the outrage?

  4. over 1 year ago on Michael Ramirez

    Are you going to seriously suggest that Florida, Texas, and California don’t produce much food? Are you a real person?

  5. over 1 year ago on [Deleted]

    Keep throwing those false accusations. We don’t riot or throw tantrums on college campuses. We just vote. You pissed off all the falsely accused, and they got tired of it. Trump is your own fault.

  6. over 1 year ago on Tom Toles

    Obama had both houses of Congress his first two years and we all survived. So suck it up, buttercup.

  7. over 1 year ago on Tom Toles

    Oh suck it up, buttercup!

  8. over 1 year ago on Jerry Holbert

    He doesn’t need the salary.

  9. over 1 year ago on [Deleted]

    We had basic healthcare before the ACA. You’ve fallen for the lie that we didn’t. Some people didn’t have health INSURANCE, but there was basic healthCARE.

  10. over 1 year ago on Henry Payne

    6 years ago it was already old and tired to be talking about “Bush this, Bush that” and yet you distractors are still doing it. Who’s the president now? Bush? No? So what could your yammering accomplish? Deal with the problems of the current president.