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  1. over 5 years ago on Henry Payne

    Typical Liberal drivel that doesn’t know the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL.

    Here is my question. Do you Libs ever lock your doors? If yes, WHY?

    Think about it.

  2. over 5 years ago on Robert Ariail

    You, Mr. Arial, are at best ignorant, or perhaps, a terrorist sympathizer. To give you the benefit of the doubt, I will assume you don’t know the situation with Gaza.

    The number of rockets fired at Israel by Hamas is in the high thousands (yes, check it out), and they are directed at civilian populations, The damage done by these rockets is NOT reported by the media, but since Israel warns the people of incoming rockets, they will shelter in BOMB SHELTERS. Have you seen this in the media?

    Israel responds to eliminate the threat, with few, carefully targeted missiles. Hamas forces civilians to remain in the vicinity of their missile launches to deliberately incur casualties to show to the gullible (a at best) media.

    Your cartoon perpetuates the LIE that is presented to the world.

    Is it IGNORANCE, or is it Anti-Semitism? I don’t know.

    But to be honest to yourself, PLEASE DO PROPER RESEARCH.